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In Topic: Bone animation implementation problem

19 February 2015 - 01:28 AM

Are you using the Matrix class factory functions to create your view and projection matrices (PerspectiveLH,LookAtLH, and similar) or are you setting them up manually?


The way that you are multiplying the vertex positions by the bone offset matrices in your shader looks off to me, but I may be wrong.  It would depend on whether the model and model loading code that you are loading from uses column or row-major matrices.  If I recall, the D3DXMatrix stuff that SharpDX wraps uses row-major matrices,so I have usually settled on forcing all matrices that I use into that form for convenience, so you would want to multiply them like mul( vector, matrix) in the HLSL, rather than mul(matrix, vector) as you have.  


For instance, when I used Assimp to load models, I needed to transpose all the matrices that the AssimpNet library loaded, as Assimp uses column-major matrices, in order to make the models render correctly.  It's possible you have some sort of format mixup like that somewhere in your pipeline that is causing problems.


Shameless plug: Here is a project I got working using SlimDX and bone animations, it might be helpful to compare with your code.

In Topic: Text Based game Types

17 February 2015 - 11:41 PM

There used to be this DOS shareware rock band business simulator called Rockstar I played all the time on my 486.  Although it was more of a CURSES style interface.

Pretty hilarious writing style, and some of the effects when you got random events made me wonder if my monitor had glitched out - definitely the best implementation (admittedly, I haven't seen many) of taking psychedelic drugs in a game...

In Topic: [SharpDX] Creating a Direct2D render Target from a swapchain

17 February 2015 - 02:52 PM

I used this article from Washu to finally get Direct2D to play nicely with a Direct3D swap chain.  If you want to use both Direct2D and Direct3D rendering at the same time, you'll want to use this approach.

In Topic: Graphics Programming book?

15 February 2015 - 08:52 AM

My only concern with 3D Game Programming is it uses D3DX library which has been deprecated.So Should I go for Real time rendering with Directx and HLSL or should I go for 3D Game Programming book and ignore D3DX(which I think would be hard) ?


The DirectX 11 book really doesn't use any of the deprecated D3DX stuff.  It uses XNAMath for its matrix and vector primitives, but that is trivial to replace with DirectXMath.  All of the model loading code in the examples uses a simple custom format and loader, not the old D3DXMesh stuff.


It does use the Effects Framework, which is sort of deprecated for reasons I don't really understand, but you can still use the Effects Framework, and it works, or you could convert the effect files to be stand-alone shaders if you wanted.

In Topic: best and fastest way to understand a code written by some one else

13 February 2015 - 09:10 AM

+1 for the idea of using Doxygen.  Even when there are no doxygen-ish comments attached to functions or fields, it can extract a lot of very useful information from just the call signatures.  Also, generating the call-graphs can be an easy way to get a high-level view of how the code is organized - unless it is a real disaster, I would expect to see a number of more or less distinct subsystems that you could drill into.