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#5119164 Achieving photorealistic game models/assets

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 25 December 2013 - 04:17 AM

Why don't you post some of your work and we can talk about how to make them more realistic?


It's perfectly possible to create realistic characters with Blender, you can head over to blenderartists.org and see some truly amazing works. Making them work for real time and game use is just a question of optimizing where you bake ambient occlusion lighting, normal maps and simplify mesh topology.


But the biggest issue of course is to have the skill needed to shape realistic human characters and make clothing look plausible. Even more skill is needed for rigging and animating proper looking organic animations so your characters don't look like robots defying gravity and other laws of physics. Such skillset is not owned by many individual people and bigger game studios have dedicated artists working for each of the areas to ensure maximum proficiency and best overall results.

#5117563 goobert final revision(hopefully!)

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 17 December 2013 - 07:50 AM

It's a longish text without a specific question and writing forum isn't the hottest area around here as for most the professional interest is in coding, so don't take it personally smile.png


The story is great and you have laid the foundations to start building visual assets for your game. But don't nail anything totally down because you could be developing this for months and look how much progress you've made with the story in just a week smile.png


When I read stories I also visualize it and think about all the assets you need for it. I think there's a lot you need to make just for the cutscenes and that can be considered a good investment in story giving more meaning to your game. Since you have artistic talent I don't think making them will be an issue at all. And maybe you can re-use the misc background props in your level design as well. I think you'll want to schedule things so that are developing the game levels along with intro so that things don't get too monotonous for you and you don't totally forget either of them. Target releasing the intro along with the first chapter of your gameplay and you're off to a good start that should provoke much more interest than just "a platformer game". smile.png

#5117289 My Model

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 16 December 2013 - 05:21 AM

I see a lot of enthusiasm with giving shape to many things. smile.png


Some things I notice:


Remember to check your model in every direction even if you work mainly with one view. Do this by making use of Blenders keypad shortcuts: 7 for top view, 1 for front view and 3 for side view. Keypad 5 toggles between perspective and orthographic modes, both are important. Ortho for technical inspection: are things in line / out of line as they should. Perspective for artistic: are the masses and proportions in order.


I can tell you use subsurf modifier a lot in organic modeling. That is OK and even mandatory in most cases but remember to disable the modifier every once in a while and check your model without it. Most of the errors you get with subsurf modifier you can actually fix easiest by disabling the modifier then making it look better and re-enabling the modifier. A model that looks unclean/rough without subsurf will look unclean/rough with subsurf!


But for (optimal) game use it is mandatory to freeze your subsurf sooner or later. That is because subsurf always creates 4x the polycount you can actually use to define your model. In other words with subsurf the 3/4ths of the polygons go into smoothing and that is not optimal. Good real time models make use of every polygon to show smaller definition such as muscles and creases.


Not all edges are supposed to be smooth even in organic models. The last thing you want to make with real time models is add creasing with another edge loop. You should check the Edge Split modifier and sharp edges (universally called smoothing groups) which will help you make your model look as intended with smaller polycount. Also check edge crease tool for reflecting edge roundness better with subsurf modifier.


Keep up with it, the world needs more 3D modelers smile.png

#5117283 BIM rendering tool for game development in opengl or ogre3d

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 16 December 2013 - 04:33 AM

When you talk about rendering: it is possible to bring the model to Blender via .obj for example and use it to adjust textures and UV maps and bake lighting into the model textures.

#5116168 is Source Engine any good?

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 11 December 2013 - 05:33 AM

Source, UDK, Unity though popular choices aren't ideal for 2D.




Are these tags you listed somehow relevant to what you are looking for?

#5115614 My Game Goobert, a Good idea?

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 09 December 2013 - 04:55 AM

Wow, nicely cooked up in the little time between our posts. You basically turned the setting upside down from rescue to escape mission, well you could include both parts in some way. This is also why I come here ^^


Already sounds more intact story. For future I would now be more interested in the witch doctor. What are her goals and is there something more to being just "evil"...? How did she create Stella and Goobert and why are they so precious to her she can't let them escape? I bet the player learns all kinds of things about the antagonist and what she is into as the game progresses. :)

#5115594 My Game Goobert, a Good idea?

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 09 December 2013 - 02:26 AM

Sounds good :) Many platformer developers just seem to skip the story and setting. It doesn't need to be fancy but something that sets the game apart and gives personal twist. I like the goo (reminds me of what Portal 2 did) as well as the style you're going for.


Just some quick thoughts:

- Voodoo (black magic) or aliens (scifi technology) could be a good themes on their own, it seems you include little bit of both but don't really use them much, do you? What if the character was Voodoo doll and the different kinds of goo were also linked to voodoo and black magic instead of aliens? Do you plan on really making use of the interplanetary scale? Or could the character be something non-magical that links to aliens and sci-fi?

- Lots of slipping and accidents in the story, seems a bit implausible and you could write it in more meaningful way. You can make the character realize the use of goo in one coincidence. Or the character could see as the kidnappers escape by sliding on the goo, for example. You can later bring up additional colored goos one at a time as your game progresses.

#5114504 This is why Modern Tomb Raider Games aren't good...

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 05 December 2013 - 02:03 AM

We all know Tomb Raider isn't a cyborg. 



Amagad you did not just refer to Lara as "Tomb Raider"? :D Me and my brother would laugh at one of our friend doing that and acting like he was a fan.


Wow, the more I hear from the latest TRs the more I dislike them. The last I played was Chronicles which was still pretty good but you could already start to see where the series was going.

#5114238 newbie, blender and 'raw faces' models

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 04 December 2013 - 12:43 AM

I didnt manage to do it yet.. this blender is terribly hermetic thousands of options..


Blender is immensely versatile and customizable software used for so many things you're bound to feel like there's too many buttons if you just need to do simple model file format conversion.


I see that for example "vader tie" model (mesh ?) is divided into several parts (objects ?) i could separately select and move one far to other.. 


In Blender there are "objects" that can be mesh, camera, light, curve for example. The objects that are mesh objects always have mesh data ie. verticies and polygons.

If you have a model file that is split up into lots of different objects for no reason it's not really because of Blender but because someone decided to make it that way smile.png


 is there some list of this elements?


It's called "Outliner" and by default it's in upper right corner of the user interface. You can select objects in Outliner in similar manner than in the 3D view, ie. select multiple holding shift.


How to make sure i selected it all


You can look at the Outliner and you should only see one mesh object there (has a triangle icon) if you've joined them all and you have nothing else on any other layers.


A tip about joining many objects: you can actually press CTRL+J every time you select a new mesh and that way you don't have to stress about holding shift. You also need to have shift pressed down when you click. Whether you let go of shift in between clicks doesn't matter.


A tip about joining ALL objects: you can just select all by hitting 'A' key and then hit CTRL+J. No matter if it selects some cameras and lights as well, it only joins mesh objects.

#5113969 newbie, blender and 'raw faces' models

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 03 December 2013 - 02:38 AM

If the mesh(es) you want to export are divided in multiple objects that you want to export all you can first join the objects into one object.


Hold shift and mouse right click to select all the objects you want to join and press CTRL+J. The objects are now merged into one object.

#5113962 Good old multi account problem

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 03 December 2013 - 01:42 AM

I've never seen multiboxing used for much of anything except running around in world pvp or battlegrounds and one shotting people for fun, straight up kills provide very little honor and considering most of the battlegrounds are much larger thna 4 or 5 characters and the vast majority of honor comes from winning, it doesn't make much difference in farming value over one character. Multiboxing is only good for using the same characters to say, cast the same spell all at once anyway, using them in an instance would be a nightmare at best.



I have personally seen many kinds of behavior on BGs and the stories I've heard...Especially on private vanilla/TBC servers where each multibox account don't cost money and leveling is fast there are loads of abuse and honor farming. Yes, people do bother with it and things can be minmaxed and optimized to make it profitable thus why people do it.




Note that even when you say multiboxer "one shots people for fun" you have to understand it still ruins the gameplay experience for those other people and this is unwanted and problematic behavior. It arises quite a bit of discussion, but Blizzard allows it. The only thing that keeps multiboxing marginal and saves retail WoW from it is that you'd need to pay subscription fees for each of the accounts and not many people want to invest in it.




The multiboxing scene is far more blown out than what you might think from your everyday experience in WoW because there are simply so many players that do not multibox. Multiboxers actually try to keep what they do secret in order to avoid player griefing. And yes, instances can be multiboxed as well and it happens in current WoW.  People use setups like 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 identical dps with keyboard software and macros to practically control all chars from single screen:



#5113742 newbie, blender and 'raw faces' models

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 02 December 2013 - 07:38 AM

Ye probably i will ned to learn it at least some hours,

but I also need to just get proper models working and

could learn it later - also need some hints lo ease

learning... Will try to know myself how do all this selection

and try



Be patient, 3D could take a lot of time depending on where you come from.


You can select objects in Blender with right mouse button. :)

#5113717 newbie, blender and 'raw faces' models

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 02 December 2013 - 06:09 AM

So do you want to learn Blender or some other software? Because for Blender I recommend taking the basic tutorials from http://www.blender.org.


I haven't exported to .raw myself but from the looks of it it you just need to select (only) the object you want before exporting and that the object needs to have a mesh.

#5113693 Good old multi account problem

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 02 December 2013 - 03:37 AM

Using a game like WoW for example, you gain absolutely nothing from having multiple accounts even if they were free, seeing as you only profit by actually doing something in the game. If you game is based on gathering resources over time or something than the obvious thing to do would be to design it so that you can't simply give resources away to someone.


I'm not saying WoW is a bad example and it probably has a point over some other online games but it has had and probably still has many kinds of ways of multi-account abuse. You can use your 2 accounts to farm honor in many ways including killing your other faction character(s) with your character(s), going to the multiplayer battlegrounds and forcing the other side to lose for example by taking the flag somewhere where it can't be reached or you could just fill the BG with your own characters by multiqueue. Gold farming uses the 2 factions and neutral AH for transfering and I'm sure for lots of other things.


Then there is the whole "multiboxers" issue where people can with few simple steps control 5 identical characters running on top of each other with 0 delay which is totally unfair. Can be used to boost leveling, PvP and honor farming, even some instances...


For the multiaccount problem I can't say anything but there's no solution you could hardcode into your game or completely design around the problem. People that want to will be able to find a way to abuse even if you take extreme measures in preventing it and block huge amount of legitimate players out of the game because of that.


But you have one big resource at hand that will do the job for you, in a way: the community. Everybody are competing in the same world by the same rules, they fight and try to do well. Where there is abuse there is always the one who gets abused and maybe people who witness it. I didn't skip on any of my reports in WoW when I played it, not even later on private servers. Even them could spare enough resources to be able to handle the reports swiftly and appropriately.


So build a good reporting function and find resources to handle them and community will do the law enforcing job for you. smile.png

#5112724 borrowing other games/mods art for prototyping

Posted by ShadowFlar3 on 28 November 2013 - 06:30 AM

In my opinion what you should use for prototypes is blank / vague placeholders. The point is to achieve a sense of the gameplay and features without worrying about (polished) assets. It doesn't make sense to me to spend lots of effort first finding and converting something that you need to scrap and start from scratch later. Or to make copyright infringements as you do so.


Prototyping the art is another task and I personally see lots of things taking the wrong track if you use assets from existing games. You as a player and designer have a certain idea of for example what the HL2 physcannon does, how it sounds and how it is animated. You could easily end up repeating the concept even if you later re-make it from scratch. It defeats the purpose of prototyping the art in my opinion so I would personally use something blank instead. Start painting on empty canvas, not on top of something, so to speak.


I don't see any financial parties growing interest towards the project either when they see something that was mix and matched from pieces they are able to recognize as IP of other huge commercial studios.