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In Topic: Eerie soundtracks

30 July 2013 - 05:16 PM

Not sure of your budget but ProjectSAM's stuff is right up your ally.


This sounds fantastic, unfortunately its way over budget, i couldnt really justify spending any more than £120 at the present time, its definitely something ill keep in mind for future projects though. As for the DAW, I'm running windows, so im not sure i would be able to.


I had a quick go at making something on audacity using samples of stuff and fiddling around with them a little. Would you mind telling me what you think?

I tried to get back to the eerie theme, and i think it came off pretty well



EDIT: Ive just looked at the sticky thread on DAW's, ill have a more in depth look in the morning but they seem pretty good and some of them are in budget too, thanks for the heads up!

In Topic: Eerie soundtracks

30 July 2013 - 08:58 AM

The thing with the textures on sibelius, particularly the gliss, is that it sounds fake, and it stands out a mile from any of the other sounds, the tremolo is quite good, and i used that a bit in some of the pieces, particularly on the timps.


I do have audacity, and i had thought of taking samples and using them, but only for sound effects rather than musically.

ill have a go at taking some samples and having a mess around with them all.

what would you suggest? because what i dont really want to happen is for it to become a sibeluis score, with some random sound effects dotted around, and i dont have any of the orchestral instruments on hand to use for a live recording (im a guitarist, what can i say? :P )

In Topic: Eerie soundtracks

29 July 2013 - 02:55 PM

The main problem i have is my samples, like you mentioned. All i have to go on is sibelius, and its a fairly low budget production so i cant get anything better.

Whilst i like the idea of a full orchestral score, the other reason i picked it is because they are the samples that sound closest to what they are supposed to be; all the others are computer generated rather than live recorded.

Ill have a look at time signatures and tonality and try to make some of the pieces disjointed, but as for the textures im pretty limited.

Would you say it would be better/more realistic to go for a more sombre soundtrack than eerie, due to my limitations?


and m4uesviecr, ill check out resident evil, thanks for pointing it out

In Topic: Eerie soundtracks

29 July 2013 - 07:40 AM

Hey guys, sorry about the links, hopefully these ones will work, they're direct from my soundcloud.



Umbra, the title track of the game and the main menu theme, i wanted to keep it simple and space-y



Columbia, The main theme of the space station, i tried to capture the 'everyone on this platform is dead' feel



Lights out! a mini boss fight



Gulch, One of the main bosses


Feedback would be appreciated, I'll have a look into Dead Space too, thanks for the heads up!