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In Topic: Need advice on Adobe Air / Flash

05 August 2013 - 12:28 AM

Thanks for the answer , very helpful.




Can you tell me when was this ? I mean was it the latest version of Air ?



All in all i found these concerning:

In practice, you may need some tweaking (not code, but graphics). For example:

* A movieclip i had slightly rotated (5 degrees) showed some noise in its texture.

* Or a dragging object moved anoyingly slow when going through another complex object.

* Or things that were scaled down showed very pixelated (despite being vector).

* And you may exprience FPS dropdowns on small devices if you have too many objects/too complex objects.



Sounds like the Air transforms vectors into bitmaps, this is what it has problems with rotated or resized movie clips.

Or at least I speculate.