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Need advice on Adobe Air / Flash

04 August 2013 - 03:00 AM

Hi everyone.


I am a graphic designer with lots of experience in Flash and intermediate knowledge of AS3.


I am not using AS3 as programming language in my work but mostly to create highly interactive interface prototypes and presentations.

This is done combining animations on stage and script events.



My dream is to start making interactive books and comics in this way (with lot of user triggered dynamic animations) for mobile (tablets)


I recently learned that Adobe Air can be used to publish to iOs and Android.

But some things are still unclear to me.


1.How complicated is the publish process ? Can I just put my swf file and have it published or do I need lot of coding and tweaking ?


2. Main reason I want to use flash is vector animation that can fit any size device. But I hear Adobe Air does not export vector animations?

Is this true ?



Thanks :)