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In Topic: Apocalypse/ Collapse of Civilization

19 August 2016 - 04:11 AM

But I wanted to hear if anyone know of such a game that already exists


There are games in which the apocalypse is happening, but it is a part of the story rather than the focus (typicaly you have to stop the apocalypse happening, à la final fantasy 7, if I recall correctly), or the prototype series which happen during a small scale virus apocalypse in Manhattan. But no complexe ai interaction in those.


Else, there is Alone in the dark 5, which happen during some kind of apocalypse. There was also a particular way of handling inventory in Alone in the Dark 5, you didn't have any menu, but rather when "opening the inventory", the character open his jacket and look inside his pockets. Is this the kind of mechanism you are looking for?

I would like to design an AI system that you can interact with basically by chatting with it, would just a complex collection of if statements be the best way to go about doing this or are there other better alternatives?


As Avalander said, the behaviour tree is an alternative (the article is very good also)

I am actually working on an AI which use the information it gathered during its life (know this place, that person, know that the player is dangerous), its mind state (happy, optimist, suspicious) and event that happened (the player threatened its family, its dog died).


But this require a really huge amount of text.

In Topic: Brainstorm:Multiplayer RPG setting

18 August 2016 - 04:06 AM

It is a rather classic setting, nothing really new there. A dark lord and an evil Empire/Kingdom, corrupted church, player is a rebel.

It is not a bad thing, especially if the rest of the game is well built, but I personaly like it when the world in which I'm playing has something different from all the other medieval-themed game.

How is used the magic for example? What is the network of "refuse" you are talking about?

In Topic: A sandbox RPG for tweens Part 1: basic gameplay and world outlines

17 August 2016 - 06:16 AM

Procedural generation can also be used to generate the rough form of the world (landscape, town, etc...), and then the level designer can go back on the world and add more things. That could help gain some time. Even though the time spent to create the procedural tool can be quite huge, depending on the complexity you want to attain.

In Topic: A sandbox RPG for tweens Part 1: basic gameplay and world outlines

17 August 2016 - 02:52 AM

Mind telling me the specific reason?


In term of budget estimation you are way too optimist, as says Tangletail. 


  • Budget: for a game with the graphical fidelity of FFXI on a high-definition emulator, a total size (from all the game worlds added up) about 43 square miles big (30 of said 43 square miles is procedurally generated), partial voice acting (mostly for main characters and special scenes), and a customization and character progression system leagues deeper than any TES title, is this a realistic estimate for how much the game will cost to develop?

For your expectaction count at least a medium sized team (so 20-30 people) multiply it by an average salary of 2500 euros (average salary of a programmer) to have a (really) rough estimation of the cost, by month, of your game. And this is only the salary of the people, without taking into account the tools and the marketing. So yes, $100,000 may be a little light.


  • Day/Night cycle: I believe a common complaint for this idea is that some will feel as if this is like playing two games at once. Even though I plan to elaborate on this later, do any of you think this way currently?

This is a good idea, in my opinion. If you manage to make the feel of day and night really different and not just a loss of luminosity, it is an interesting feature.


  • Dialogue system: simply put, Is in interesting or refreshing?

Interesting? Not much, how can you talk about thing not related to environment? Refreshing, not really. The dialog mechanic is not as important as the actual dialog quality (except if you have a good AI which can talk inteligently (use different dialog lines depending on what happened, his status, player's reputation, etc...)

  • game world: created due to budget constraints, the game world is not what makes this game a sandbox RPG (that would be the mechanical system, to be discussed in a future post). that being said, does anyone like this hub-network idea?

If you have a well crafted hub, and the other area are some kind of dungeon, it can excuse the lower quality of the procedural area. 

  • was something to vague or just left out? point it out.

I would like to hear more about the combat system.

In Topic: Need Idea For a Roguelike Game

20 December 2015 - 12:05 PM

I always had the impression that there is a lot of game designer out there, so if you are looking for one, you should be able to find one. (A good one, is rarer though ^^)

In any case, you should start working on the base of your game. Thing like basic movement of character, inventory, mobs AI, etc... Event if you'll have to scrap some of it later, you will have something to show to a potential future game designer.