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#5165770 A team for beginner

Posted by Navezof on 09 July 2014 - 04:21 AM

where can I find a team to work with? 

You can first try to create/join a team in the classifieds part of this forum.
There is plenty other forums on the net where you can find your team, such as generalist forum on gamedev like this one, or forum dedicated to a particular engine (the Unity3D forum, the unreal engine forum, etc..)


should I create many games and study more until I become a pro then start looking for a team


Working in a team is double edged. In one hand you have more possibilities, especially if you have different skills in your team (artist, programmer, writer, etc...), and you also can gain a lot of experiences. It can also help you to land a job if you can show that you have experience working in team. But, in the other hand it's a lot more difficult working in a team than working alone. And without a proper organisation and self-discipline you won't be able to avoid the fail. Even if all the members are very good on what they do.

So the question is : Do you think you have the right skill to join/create a team? Both technical and organisational? In both case (joining/creating) you have to show what you can offer;

Anyway, it's always good to have some games to prove your worth.

Good luck

#5165756 Questions about making a game and a general idea

Posted by Navezof on 09 July 2014 - 02:11 AM

if I were just to offer the player lots of spells to learn and have them create sort of a hybrid class based on what they choose to work with. 


The Elder's scroll series do that. There is no class, but skills that you chose to up or not to create your own class, in a way. So you might look at it for more informations :)

Or would that be too difficult to implement?


It depends on how you implement it :D (more seriously, I don't think it's more difficult than going with a class system)

Can anyone thinks of a similar system


You can think that house = race. Being in a house (race) give you bonus in some skills and "racial" advantages. For exemple, if you are in the Griffindor house you have a bonus in Charisma, and a bonus when you learn fire based spells. When in the Slytherin, you have a bonus in Cunning, and when learning poison based spells.

If you pass a course, you get a new spell/ability/stat boost, but there's a chance that you fail.


Nice idea, I liket it :D

 that would be easy to implement?


Same answer that before :)

but I do think there should be some kind of competition amongst "students"


It would be more works, but having different quest for each "house" would be nice. And each quest you win, you gain new equipment for your quest, equipment that your enemies' house won't have.

 increases your bro network


Ahahah, I'm not partying I'm increasing my bro potentiality and networking!

#5165478 From designing and creating the concept of a game to implementing it: How do...

Posted by Navezof on 08 July 2014 - 02:06 AM

About "Fourth": By "you can work on the content of the module", do you mean the actual code? Or just details about this module?


It depends on the complexity/size of this module and your mood :D

You should be able to directly start coding simpler module, for exemple, in a case of an health system with only a variable for the health and a function takeDamage. But for something bigger, maybe a little more planning could be good.

It's only my opinion, but if you made good modules, the complexity of each module should be reduced enough to be clear even without planning first.

#5165215 Name for a small country/island ruled by a dictator

Posted by Navezof on 07 July 2014 - 03:27 AM

Why not simply let the player decide? I can't think of a good reason that the end-user shouldn't be able to do so, unless you were to include the name of the imaginary island/country in the game's title or promotinal work. 


I second thaht.

Else, it depends on the mood of the game? Serious, Ironic?

- El Paradisio de la Muerte
- Liberty Island
- Sheeptuga, Tunatuga (a deformation of Tortuga)

Sorry, not much inspiration without using the good ol' stereotype ^^

#5165017 How do you get ideas for new games?

Posted by Navezof on 06 July 2014 - 04:26 AM

I'm a jazz fan and musician.  The amount of mileage you can get from a few simple constraints -- a series of chords or a short melody -- is endless.  It's going on a tangent within an accepted or acknowledged framework where GREAT ideas are born.


Once, Mile Davis said something like that : "Why bothering playing all those chords? You just have to play the good ones"

It's a little off-topic, but well, it's a nice quote ;D

#5164800 Voxel God - City Simulation Game

Posted by Navezof on 04 July 2014 - 04:48 PM

From what you are describing, your "vision" is exactly like any other civ-like (except for the Voxel part, but I don't think you can build a game on this). Unless you expand a little bit on your vision, and why it is so special that other people would like to join you, then, yes, it will stay as a vision :)

#5164634 Halloween 2014 -- Horror Game Design & Development

Posted by Navezof on 03 July 2014 - 02:09 PM

Indeed, having to much effect can annoy the player. When I played Amnesia : The dark descent, the camera effect where sometimes too much, especially when you are not as afraid as the effect want you to be.

I think there should be some effects, but you'll have to adjust their intensity and frequency during a playtest. I don't think there is another way.

Another way to put pressure on the player without using a real monster is to use an invisible harmless monster. 

Imagine a big monster that you can't see but you can imagine its presence by the way the environment and the sounds react. For exemple, you can see a door opening, all the light on its way going down, the noise of its feet on the ground, its breath getting closer, the ground becoming red/black under its feets, hate message apparing on the wall around, dust flying, etc...

It should be something that is obviously here, but that you can't see. Something that a player could follow without seeing it,

I don't know if I'm clear ^^'

#5164558 How do you get ideas for new games?

Posted by Navezof on 03 July 2014 - 07:16 AM

Long time ago I found a video about creativity, explained by John Cleese (from the Monthy Python) The video is of really bad quality (and subtilted in deutch), but the presentation is quite funny and informative. It's does not exactly answer your question, but there is some good ideas and technics that can be also applied to video game.

Edit : The audio is obviously in english :)

#5164548 Questions about making a game and a general idea

Posted by Navezof on 03 July 2014 - 06:05 AM

A practical tip: scale down, always scale down, find one core activity, polish it, make it fun


So true :D

I would also add to break the scaled down core into multiple pieces and work on them one by one.

#5164511 Halloween 2014 -- Horror Game Design & Development

Posted by Navezof on 03 July 2014 - 02:21 AM

I am not describing it well.  Writing out ideas is difficult because they are fully formed in my head and half-baked on the screen!


I totaly understand what you means. The product on the screen is merely the reject of our dream :)


No.  I plan on spending quite a bit of time making a very specific terrain with paths, buildings, interesting locations, and creepy areas.  The audio sources, their triggers, and some of the game items will be randomly placed based on an array of appropriate locations.


Is there a story to follow? Or do you base your narrative on the context and the place?


Very, very interesting... I like.  I like enough to steal!


Please do :D ! On this place Ideas are meant to go from mind to mind. I'd rather be honored to see what you can do with this!


I know, I know... cliché as can be, but I have an excuse!  I moved out into the deserts of Arizona and miss that autumn feeling back in Pennsylvania, USA.  This is a way to get those fall colors and blowing leaves and Halloween feeling back.  Where I live now looks like Fallout: New Vegas twelve months of the year.


Ahah, it's just a "little" change in scenery :D

#5164400 Halloween 2014 -- Horror Game Design & Development

Posted by Navezof on 02 July 2014 - 03:13 PM

Funny, when you posted you project, I was wondering when you will do so ;)

Anyway, the concept seems nice, feasible, and planning a release of an horror game for halloween is a bit cliché but always right.

So down to your project, I have a few question : 

Are you working alone on this?
As you describe it, closing your eyes basicaly means a game over (or at least a retry)?
Will the terrain be proceduraly generated?

Using the sound for orienting yourself is an interesting idea. But the "Closing you eyes" part seems under-used. Wasn't there a possibility to used the closed eye as a mechanics? For exemple, when you have your eyes closed, you can focus your hearing to illuminate important clues, go through path that you can't see normaly (hidden doors), but you can't see normal element, and the sound are louder and deformed. Or something like that.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of your project, good luck :D

#5164326 My MMORPG ideas

Posted by Navezof on 02 July 2014 - 09:06 AM

So, first a little off-topic advices :
1. Formating. Making list is good and can help understanding, but one sentence by line?
2. Acronyme, not everyone know what you are talking about, either put a glossary at the top or don't use acronym.
3. Go straight to the point! Using a narrative form to tell a gameplay exemple from time to time is nice, but not everytime.

I will also assume that you are talking theoricaly and don't aim to actually make that game and just want to share some ideas you have. And so I will try to answer those the best I can.

Now, to the point. I will try to break down your mechanism. (the number doesn't correspond to yours, but follow your order)

1 . Work : I assume you go talk to a NPC and he give you money and experience in his working line once a day. What kind of work? Do you (the player) have anything to do? Does it force you to do nothing for the duration of the work? Is there a mini game?

The way you describe it I can't imagine it more than boring. Look at how the work works (lol -o-) in other game such as World Of Warcraft (of course), or Dofus and Wakfu, and nearly all other MMORPG out there.

2. Start your own business. I imagine that you can create a shop somewhere. And define what you want to produce and what are your prices? Else, what do you do when you start your own business? Is there not a risk that there is to many business open? Does all the shop will fit somewhere on the map? 

Seems not really possible. (technicaly and not technicaly)

3. Rent a house. You have to pay 10 silver (the maximum amount you can earn by working) each day for keeping the house? The economy is quite harsh ^^. Sleep, ok I see, that's what trigger the buff. Eat, dring, bath? What does those do?

And you can farm. 

4. Go PvE : Nothing new. There is 5 zones, and the last is shared. What prevent the player to go to other map than the shared one? If there is nothing, the shared doesn't mean anyhing, right?

Naval battle? The idea is cool, really, but do you realize all the work implied? Will the playe rbe able to build boat? To drive boats? Each player has a boat? Or there is only scripted boat who are like moving platform? Can boat fight each other? And so on on the technical questions.

Once again, it's a nice idea, I would love to be able to have naval battle in a MMORPG.

5. PvP : Nothing new. All the player are given the same equipment, you mean all the player who have not the required level (Terra has this system, which I understand allow low-level player to enjoy Pvp.)? If not, what the point in having experience and killing mob after mob to get equipment?

Joining quickly a game give less exp and money? Why?

6. Crafting: Nothing new.

7. Trading run : That's a good idea. I think you could make a game only on this idea. 

8. Commander : Once again it's a quite nice idea, but many question. Is there a limit on the number of commander? Is there a risk of having to many commander? If there is to commander, all the startegical point will be set as objective and thus lose their interest. And there is also a lot of technical difficulties.

9. You kill boss to have better equipment. Ok.
10. Fight for your server? How?
12. You can have GvG deathmatch. Ok.
13. More blahblah
14.  No offense, but it seems like a bunch of words that you find nice. There is no explaination on what are those class and what do they do, no mechanics.

A class does not determine your weapon or your role (and so your stats to assume these roles), so a class is just a name?


Cool knight? bad guy? best martial arts? android? barbaric? Seriously?


#5164267 Questions about making a game and a general idea

Posted by Navezof on 02 July 2014 - 03:53 AM

So the old morality system is old news?  Ah so it goes.


I do not really agree (but, it's also an opinion, so ^^') In term of morality choice maybe good versus evil is outdated (what is good for you may be bad for other) but instead maybe having a kind of faction-based morality. For exemple, if you do something to help the forest (you hippi!) then you will gain some point in the drudic circle, if you don't (you capitalist!) you will gain point in the Mecamage corporation. By progressing on one or the other "faction" will give you bonus, equipment, and may influence the story.

An other solution would be achievement bonus. If you choose to free the unicorn you will have a permanent bonus of +1 in magic, but if you choose to eat it, you will have a permanent bonus of +1 in Strength. And some NPC will respond differently depending on your achivement.

I have never had to deal with mechanics before, but anything you can offer would be most welcome if you have links, templates or whatever.


If you want document on game design there is the excellent book : http://artofgamedesign.com/book/
There is also a lot of topic on this forum where people ask how to start, and the answers are generaly quite good :)

#5164253 In need on some guidance.

Posted by Navezof on 02 July 2014 - 01:55 AM


they are all irrelevant.

Just choose whatever you want and get going.. these are not "issues", they are just excuses to faff around.

Wow what a dev community and want me to subscribe for this kind of answers... Thanks a lot...


This is a little rough, but he has a point. The most important is not really the tools but what you do with them.

But, there is some of my opinions.

I didn't try the CryEngine, but I have globally poor impressions from friends.
UDK, why the UDK when you have the UE4? The Unreal Engine is way more easier to work with, and is totally worth the 20$ you'll have to spend.

I'm not a 3d modeler but I worked with team who used 3ds and other with Maya. So I don't think there is fundamental difference between the two. Isn't it? 

I didn't try LUA. My absolute preference go to the C++. It's used anywhere and is the mother of all languages (kind of). I don't think you'll ever lose your time learning C++. But on the downside it's maybe harder to learn than a scripting language, and if you quiclky want something it's maybe not the better solution. And I don't like Java, he always look at me with mean eyes. (best advice ever)

I hope that will help, somehow ^^'

#5164251 Designing a [Minecraft] RPG system

Posted by Navezof on 02 July 2014 - 01:40 AM

In that case in would be more like the magician of the Lord of the Rings. Even though they are more like physical deities (well, not in power) than a proper race.