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#5181494 What is your favorite anime character?

Posted by on 19 September 2014 - 03:38 AM

Because the second post is a mecha musume, I feel obligated to post some pictures too :)

Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A magical girl determinator with control over time and an nearly infinite amount of heavy weaponry in her pocket dimension? Yeah, do want. She is not my favorite character but in a game she can be fun to play. 

Adam Blade from Needless

This character is from Needless. Apart from being a sheer badass, having a metalic skeletton and being completely ax-crazy he is also able to replicate powers thrown at him. This can be a nice gameplay mechanic. And needless to say the anime he is from is damn funny and completely crazy (and the manga even more) But not really safe for work though.

Ps : I think that the post name is not really indicative, as you do not seems to be asking for a favorite anime character, but a character who could fit well in a RPG game. But, whatever.

#5179598 The basics of explaining concepts and ideas

Posted by on 11 September 2014 - 08:43 AM

Keep It Simple and Stupid. Always go to the point and try to keep your explanation as short and simple as possible.

Use schematics, drawing and bullet point if you can. "One drawing is better than a thousand words" as they say.

#5176439 Welcome your new Visual Arts forum moderator

Posted by on 27 August 2014 - 10:10 AM

I guess I will be go first : Welcome! \o/

#5175475 Why Orchestral music is best for video games?

Posted by on 22 August 2014 - 07:59 AM

Computers and electronic sounds CAN NOT FEEL

Nope, YOU cannot feel what the computer and electronic sounds has to say. Is there really a difference between the musician behind his cello and the musician behind his screen? They both have the same goal smile.png




Why Orchestral music is best for video games?

Yes, it's not.


As Keith G said it's all about context. Some games will sound better with electronic sound, and other not.

#5172476 Need advice on game design

Posted by on 09 August 2014 - 11:14 AM

So slow!!

I guess the main features is the ability to blend in the background? Which is actually a pretty good idea in my opinion. And a lot of fun features can be added to the gameplay

- The game is too slow!

- A quicker change of the background color.
- The possibility for the player to manually change the background color (a switch somewhere on the level, an item, a flashlight, a flashbang grenade, etc...)
- The possibility for the player to change its color (a color pool, an item, etc..)
- More colors.
- More items (weapons, item to change the background color, the player color)
- The platform appear and dissapears depending on the background color. For exemple, white platform that were not activated when the background was white, become activated when the background is black. And It could also be walls or teleporter.
- Item to confuse your enemies, for exemple a teleporter hidden in a color. (White teleporter can only be seen by white player) This would allow fun situation where a black player run after a white player who disapear in a white wall and reappear in another location.

- For this game to be fun, I would make something really, really quick. With quick respawn and the score based on how many points you win in a certain time. (by killing other player, staying alive, taking bonus, etc...) 

This is a really good idea, keep it up!

#5170328 First/Third person shooter in European medieval fantasy setting

Posted by on 30 July 2014 - 07:59 AM

I think running around with a single-shot musket could get very boring very quickly and end up with me charging with my bayonet. Don't you think?

I second that.

The closest would be maybe dishonored. Even though we are a few centuries later, Corvo stil have a one shot weapon.And it felt really good. More like a shotgun than a pistol, but it was the kind of gun I'd use very rarely. And it was ok because they were a whole lot of option beside using our gun. But if I had to do the whole game with the gun only, I think it would quickly become tiring. The reload time would become frustrating because it would break the flow of the game.

But I just re-read your post, and you propose to have modern firearm (or at least decent) in term of efficacity, and a medieval looks?

This is not a bad idea, because if you go with the old arquebuse, I guess you would miss something like 90% if your shot if you are not at very close range, and that would'nt be very fun to play (my numbers are not accurate, but you get the idea :) )

In the other hand, if you introduce modern firearm, the whole world would have to adapt, and many medieval things would become obsolete (armor? close combat weapon longer than a knife? bow?)

But, the idea itself is interesting, it would be nice to have guns but not a steam-punk universe, for a change. It could be more like warhammer 40k. They have spaceship, gatling power sword, and other futuristic things but the feeling is more medieval than futuristic. So, for the good of the game and the rule of cool, I think you can dismiss some physics laws :D 

#5170059 Getting started from almost complete scratch.

Posted by on 29 July 2014 - 08:50 AM

Also, there are some great tips on level design and stuff on youtube (just don't waste too much time here...) from Extra Credits (Extra Credits: Game Design)


and an ode to Mega Man X level design from Sequelitis (adult language) you can get some insight into how to think like a game designer.

And yes. This video is the one who help me turning on my game design spirit. Meaning no adding features on a game because this feature is cool. But because it has a purpose, it fulfill a precise role in the game.

Also, this book is in my opinion a must read : http://www.amazon.fr/The-Art-Game-Design-lenses/dp/0123694965

Creating board games with paper is also a good exercice. Don't underestimate the power of the pen :) 

#5169830 Chances of getting Blackmoor Bay crowdfunded

Posted by on 28 July 2014 - 12:50 PM

I don't think an early campaign (meaning talking about the game before the beta)  fit well your type of game (adventure, story-driven)

What you want to show is not really the game. Everybody know what an adventure game is. You also can't show the story, as the player would probably prefer discovering it himself.

What you want to show is most likely the atmosphere of your game.

And screenshot often fail at rendering an entire atmosphere. I would focus on very short video (30 sec max) with few words like a movie teaser. Imagine a camera moving slowing over a lake, then the screen go blakc, and a sentence appears, then the camera move slowly over a forest, and then again, another sentence. Add to this a good music, nice audio effects, and you didn't have to show any gameplay, any completed level, just the stage you made for the teaser :D

To better illustrate there is an exemple of sentence which may fit in a teaser, from Flower of Evil : "When, after a decree of the supreme powers, The Poet is brought forth in this wearisome world, His mother terrified and full of blasphemies  Raises her clenched fist to God, who pities her".

The goal is to make the potential player wondering : "What is this?"

Even better, post each week a short video with a sentence each time apparently unrelated to the previous. But, when you assemble all the sentence from each video, all make sense.

Having some sort of enigma, and making the potential player already thinking about your game, before the game is released can be a nice way to get some attention. And when your game will be ready, by playing your game, player will be : "Ah, I understand now!" Or something like that.

But this "solution" can be more risky than other more classical.

#5169715 [Looking for feedback] RPG combat system

Posted by on 28 July 2014 - 05:48 AM

I meant that I understood the rock-paper-scissor mechanism (the rochambeau-ness), I just don't know why you called it what you called it.  I think calling them Aggressive, Defensive, and Power stances is more meaningful and obvious.  Why you wanna make me work to learn vague terms?

At first I wanted to go with medieval fencing terms or something alike, with high and low guard (medium guard doesn't seems to exist ^^') I think I should find something else better fitting. But for now it is not really my priority :)

French that thing up, man!  Puissance Stance!  Give it some flavor!  Fallout 1-2 were fun because they used the trappings of 1950's American modernism.  Go wild with this thing... it's about magic girls!

True. Having a setting based on a real place/time can often bring a more coherent and interesting experience. But if it's not carefully made, it can be just ridiculous. For exemple, too much stereotype or over-used place. Eiffel tower, how many time have you been destroyed by aliens/mad scientist/cataclysm? :)

#5169203 Single Combat with the Sword: A Prototype (feedback requested)

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 06:05 PM

First of all I'm not fond of sword fighting games, but I will try to be as objective as possible.


- The sword was responsive most of the time
- Nice feeling when you manage to dodge an enemy swing with a swift move, and stick your sword in his head. Touché!
- The AI is easy, and sometimes repetitive. (she dodge more often on her right than her left)

- parrying is not precise enough
- sometimes a little rough


- Maybe having a stamina bar to prevent spamming or moving around too much?
- Giving to the player visual advices? (where is the attack coming from, an opening)
- I don't really know fencing, but shouldn't the movement be heavier?


 It still need some polish but the feelings are here, so good job and I'm waiting for the next updates ;D

#5169174 [Looking for feedback] RPG combat system

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 02:15 PM

When I clicked the link and found a slide presentation my first reaction was to just close it and not bother replying. But on a second thought I went through it all and actually I thought that it was a pretty effective way to illustrate the situation you want to discuss.

Then thanks for staying with me ^^'




Since it sounds like you want to maintain the fast paced action of a tournament fighter style of game, I think you need to rethink the action points a little. I think what you're really after here is more like manna (or some other name that fits the generic purpose, it's just the most appropriate word I could think of just now) where the player or enemy is able to initiate something special within the combat. When manna is low then characters can resort to more common physical attacks.

I didn't plan to allow the player to move during the fight. He could cast offensive and defensive spells and change costume. If the player doesn't have anymore mana, then he can't do anything. I counted on a rather high AP recovery rate (one second at most) to avoid this kind of situation too often. But, if the number of action per minutes should be quite hight. It should never reach the level of a fighting game.

As of now, my game as I designed it should be around 80% rpg and 20% fighting.

Even thoug lately I've been thinking a lot about making it more fighting and less rpging. For exemple, the possibility to have a "special" bar, which fill up when you attack, or defend and when full you can cast a "super" version of a spell or equip a "super" version of one of your costume for a limited amount of time. Or giving to the player the ability to dodge incoming attack by pressing the right button at the right moment. But I'm still wondering if  should implement those or not.

I also don't think you need as many things on the screen as you think. A bar for health, one for manna (or whatever you call it) and you're good to go. The current costume you have and should be evident by the appearance of the character on the screen. You could also argue that you don't really need to know your enemy's current stats unless you really want to let the player be warned about what he's facing.

It depends on how many rpg and fighting I put in the game. The enemy's stats are maybe not required, but your stats and the spells description (cost, type, effect) are more needed. Especially if you change costume often. And as each costume may have completely different spells it is maybe more pratical to always have those kind of informations.





The part that would most likely trip me up would be using the controls sufficiently to switch between costumes and stances while attacking or defending. I would want, ideally, to have some sort of safe place to be able to practice my skills just working with the controller.

This is the intent. Some combos will automatically change your costume (for free!) and other will automaticaly cast spells for free, so you should be able to something like :

Fireball > Fireball > free Fire Tempest > free change costume to water mage > ice spear > ice sword > free ice wall >  taunt

Here you have 3 combos :

- Fireball > Fireball = Fire Tempest
- Fireball > Fireball > Fire Tempest = change costume to water mage
- Ice spear > Ice sword = Ice wall

Of course, the best way to know for sure how well any of these things will work is to get a prototype going.

A basic one should be done for tomorrow. And yes, without a viable prototype I don't think I will be able to figure things out ^^'

#5169170 [Looking for feedback] RPG combat system

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 01:25 PM

The first thing I need to say is that I *Loved* the little drawings of Magic Girl and The Goon.  Something about them just made me smile.  Such a fun way to do easy but impactful art in a presentation.

Then the first thing I will say is thanks!


I feel like I get what you are going for with this combat system, but I disliked how the fight scene was broken up by those slides of text.  To improve your presentation, I would avoid the jarring visual of popping from the combat picture to just full screen text and back again.

I wanted to do something like : exemple then explaination. But it's trye that it is breaking the "flow" of the presentation. So I made a second version, with some corrections. (spelling, better flow, more explaination and better drawing ^^)


Personally, I'm not sold on the word "Job" as a descriptor.  To most native English speakers, the word job is often used to denote a task or profession.  It seems from this cursory introduction that you are using it to almost describe an equipment loadout.

Changed to Costume (to keep the magical stuff going smile.png )


I'm a little unsure about the Combos and I got distracted with you said "OnFire is triggered" and I was all "Are we talking scripting now?" becasue it looked like C#.

Ah, Unity stuff. I also changed the name of the combo.

The combo mechanism is rather simple. A character may learn combo spells. These spells will be automaticaly casted if the right conditions are met. For example, in my presentation the combo True Fire is triggered if three medium type spells are casted. Once casted, the combo spell will behave like any other spell. In this case he will add a spell reduction cost bonus.


I need more info on the mechanics of this:
Low stance < Medium stance < High stance < Low stance

This is one of the base mechanism of the gameplay, and nearly everything use this mechanic. It's like rock, paper, scissors, or the elements in Pokemon. Except it is apply to spells, guardes, enemy. A spell will be more effective against a guarde (more likely to break the guarde) and an enemy (deal more damage)

That's why you have to pay attention to the type of your enemy, his guarde and spells in order to chose the best spells and guarde to counter him.

I would like to see more information on the opposed test formula you are using

Character have three stats : Attack, Defense an Damage. 
Spell have two stats : Attack and Damage
Guarde have one stats : Defense

If the enemy has a guarde up, there is an opposing test to know if the spell break the guarde or not. I do a simple comparison :

Is (Character's Attack + Spell's Attack) superior to (Defender's Defense + Guarde's Defense) ?

If yes then, the defender's guarde break.

I wanted to stay as simple as possible. At least from now.

And here is the link to the presentation v2

#5169127 How to manage 100 planets?

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 09:30 AM

That's why I made an assumption that you start with 20 planets. So we don't focus on the early fun of managing your 2 only planets (which is fun). Let's say the only scenario is we have 20-100 planets (you never had these 2 planets, just 20-30 from the first turn).

Mmh, then I will try to manage the big picture. Not managing the building, but more the ethic/direction/politics. This plus the possibility of having big plans. For exemple, building a huge space ship or a death star, or whatever. You'll just have to design which planet will work on which project. 

Emmm... thanks I suppose? Not sure what is so unique of me asking questions I want answers for, I always though that's the whole purpose of forums But I suppose tastes may vary

It's maybe your unique invasion of the forum and posting posts about space pretty much everywhere :D

#5169119 How to manage 100 planets?

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 09:06 AM

And it depends on what you mean by 'fun',  for me fun in such games is micromanaging all of them manually, for other it's not. I think key point is preventing unnecessary repetitive task.

In this type of game, it's not that the task is not fun. At first it is fun, when you have only a handful of thing to manage. But as your empire grows the fun tend to go down, and it become repetitive. I have the same feeling when I play the likes of civilization, or even the total war serie.

That's why I think that the gameplay as to evolve as your empire evolve.

I'd like to control economy of all provinces in "Lords of the Realm 2", but always hated to reassign serfs just because population is less than previous turn.

Bonus cookie to you sir for playing Lords of the Realm 2 :D

#5169112 Game Engine that will meet my requirements

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 08:50 AM



Why does nobody ever recommended the Unreal Engine?


It has a while to go yet to compete with all the plugins and other support of Unity but the editor is totally cracking....

I actually was considering recommending it (especially me being a hardcore C++ extremist, I mean, it's a great engine), but it's really overkill for what he's trying to do.


Why is it overkill, explain?


I agree that Unreal Engine is a little overkill. Based on what the OP want to do and what he said about his experience, I would not recommend this engine. Make no mistake, I really like this engine, and it is possible to do a top down with it. But I don't think this is the best choice.

The Unreal Engine is an "heavy engine". And for a first experience in video game development I would recommend a more friendly engine. The main reason are, in my opinion :

- Not always friendly user
- The C++ is not the easiest of the language
- You'll have to "plug" yourself to existing code (from the engine)
- Except if you have a badass computer, the compilation time + having to relaunch the editor between each change can be annoying.
- Not traditionnaly used for 2D top down rpg

But, I guess that is should be possible to create a top down 2dyou want only using the blueprint system.But once again I would recommend more friendly tools.

RPG Maker, or GameMaker, as many people said are good choices for starter, and when you have the basics, you could switch to other language/engine.
The combo html/javascript is also nice, due to its relatively easy learning curve.

Or, if you want to do true code (tongue.png) go with C\C++ and SDL\SFML 


as most games nowdays are leaning towards browser gaming,

I also request some source for this affirmation biggrin.png

Edit : because learngin