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increaseStat with negative value or decreaseStat function

27 August 2014 - 04:51 PM

Not really a big deal but I was just wondering what people tend to prefer.


So you have a function that can increase a stat, do you pass a negative value or have two separate functions for incr/decr?


Programming on my own I feel passing a negative value works just as well.

But would it be questioned if I wrote that code for a company? 

My struggles need some insight!

25 July 2014 - 05:48 PM

Before I speak I'd just like to tell you about my past.


For me programming started when I was about 13 or so, but it wasn't really programming but scripting for the Warcraft 3 game.

I really enjoyed the game and decided to learn how to make maps using their editor, it wasn't long before I discovered the two different types of coding the maps, the graphical interface and the typing environment.

I learnt quite a lot for my age about how classes, functions, variables, using ready made functions (sin/cos, atan2 e.t.c) worked and it really had an impact on me.


A few years later I found that you can make games on the xbox with Microsoft's XNA with C# and learnt that as my first programming language, I never really made anything amazing with it apart from moving basic objects around and I realised programming at age 15 would take more time and effort to get me anywhere.

I ended up not really learning much about C# despite it being a 'simple' language to understand and instead made a massive mistake.


That mistake was me learning C++.


At first it was hard to grasp any concepts that C++ had to offer.

What is a pointer!? Include? Namespace... ?


But as time went on I understood the basics of a C++ console program (I thought to myself maybe it wasn't a massive mistake after all... ), and began to make just small applications such as basic text games.

This was amusing but it irked me that I could only make text games, so I searched the web and found SDL, luckily I came across LazyFoo's website which helped me set it up and gave a lot of explanation on how SDL worked.

I learned to make basic windows in C++ which could render images.


Now we come to the present.


I am a 19 year old University student in my second year of studying computer science, I really enjoy this course as it will hopefully help me get into software development (hopefully games, but you just have to be grateful for what you're given right?).

From using SDL I have made games such as Tetris, Astroids, Snake, basic platformers and other tiling 'systems' (but not really systems, just tests to see what works, if you get me?).


My current project is to just get a basic RPG which I can build onto in the future, I know it is seems like a daunting project for a single person, but I want to devote time to it and just understand RPG concepts and have this type of game 'under my belt'.


I have been browsing gamedev.net for ages and I read many posts per day, they are all inspiring and I love seeing the work and progress that others like me are making.


My current problem.


As I've been developing my problems are about structuring my code / files and circular dependencies.


Structuring my code


As I am using C++ I have headers and source files, this leads to quite a lot of files and I'm curious if there is any special way people organise their files in a project? 

Like sub folders for files?

or Special naming conventions for things that are alike?


Circular dependencies


This is a joined problem with structuring my code, as I am in the process of making an RPG (albeit basic) I occasionally have thoughts on what I will do when I come to coding things. 

People say that circular dependencies are mostly unnecessary and can be avoided, I would like some help on trying to understand this for my project.



What is the best way to structure a Map having Player and NPC objects?


Should the Map have references to Player / NPC's or should it be the other way around? Should they all have references to each other?

Should a Map have positions of all objects on it? Or should the objects store their own positions?


Maybe I have my classes structured wrong, but this is what this site is for right? Insight, Knowledge, Feedback and Help!


Sorry for the long post about my life but it just felt right giving some background, and to show that I'm not just jumping into something way over my head.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully sharing your wisdom with me! smile.png