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MMO concept (theoretical) Feedback needed.

19 August 2013 - 02:48 PM

Hello everyone and thanks for reading!.


So, I thought of a game concept for an MMO and I want to present it to you.


-It's a match styled game , COD like game modes.

-The players are santa helpers(goblins) but gone mad and killing each other.

-The game has an interactive enviroment ( example: if you have a tall goblin you can jump higher but if you are short you can make small doors/gates in the level to hide or ambush).

-The items are crafted at the start of the match by selecting a combination of elements and powers (and the type of the weapon)

-It has vehicles too ( in a neutral spot in the level)

-Levels : I was thinking of the goblin workshop,santa's office,candyland,frozen lake etc)




ELEMENTS    PRODUCTION  WEAPONS                                                       POWERS(you can have 3 of them with a cooldown)  VEHICLES

Fire                Mechanical       Guns                                                                Hyper jump                                                                 Toy cars ( with artillery, one seat)

Water             Magical             Grenades                                                        Sprint                                                                          Toy ships(cannons working,multi seat

Ice                                           Swords                                                            Shield                                                                          Toy train(for transportation)

Smoke                                    Hammers                                                          Health regeneration

Plants                                     Axes                                                                 Invisibility(you cannot hit)

Air                                          Wands                                                              Anger ( power boost)

Electricity                               Toys and tricks(for example a jester box)         Evil call ( demon pets for a while)

Magnetism                             Thrown weapons                                              Divine call ( divine pets/angels for a while)