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Syradine Games

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Molebears Outbreak - A challenging tap and swipe game

20 August 2013 - 07:22 AM

Hi all. I want to introduce my first game: Molebears Outbreak - A whack a mole game that's different and challenging because you must tap AND swipe, but loads of fun when you learn how. There are 12 different molebears to delight and frustrate you with their unique powers. Check out these game play videos for a better idea


Promotional Video


Basic Gameplay (Watch till the end for maniac on level 4)


Molebear Variety and some Weapons



Dr Franken created molebears by gene splicing moles and bears, creating a creature of cunning, stealth, and strength. They broke out and rapidly spread across the world, adapting to many locations like the frozen tundra, a burning volcano, even space!


"Don't keep molebears as pets. They will burrow in your home, hide your things, and maybe even eat you" - From the game.


Developers: Just me. I'm a software developer, but not an artist. I learned some basics and drew everything in the game.


Free Lite Version: Try out the game and I would love feedback

Attached File  standard-icon-iOS-app-store-small.png   8.73KB   8 downloads    Attached File  googleplay-icon-small.png   8.03KB   21 downloads


Pad Full Version (only 99 cents).

Attached File  googleplay-icon-small.png   8.03KB   21 downloads


IOS Full Version will be available this weekend: 8/23/2013


Some Screenshots


Attached File  FeatureGraphic.png   218.18KB   5 downloads


Attached File  Screenshot_Molebears.png   244.49KB   5 downloads


Attached File  Screenshot_Levels.png   240.6KB   19 downloads


My blog, if you want more information: http://syradinegames.wordpress.com/molebears/