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New to game development questions

25 August 2013 - 01:47 PM

Hi everybody, first post on this site.


I'm new to game development however I have been developing for the past 4+ years, mostly VB and web based languages however last year I started to learn C++ and I'm rather confident with it. It's a long term aspiration of mine to become a game developer, even if it is just a hobby and doesn't become a full time job.


Over the past 2 months I've been looking at starting the development side using OpenGL and C++ and I've been following the tutorials on www.opengl-tutorial.org as suggested on this site. Part way into these I've been thinking, I know that everybody suggests working on a small project using an pre-built engine however I've not been too sure of this myself and I feel that they are an quick way to get started.


I have an idea (like everybody else) on a game that I'd like to work on and I'm thinking it would be a good learning opportunity to build a game from scratch and learn as I go. However there's a few questions that I have about getting started such as is it going to be impossible to learn to use OpenGL and C++ as a beginner to game development? Alternatively if you recommend a pre-built engine, which one and what are the publications limits behind them?


If anybody has taught themselves to use OpenGL and C++ from scratch would you be able to share some of your resources for the best way to learn?


Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help.