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In Topic: How much it cost to develop a game similar like Clash of Clan, Friendly fire?

06 December 2013 - 12:37 AM


You mean a new brand new company need 20-25 million initial investment to develop and publish a game?

I can't speak for ambershee. A triple-A game does cost that much to make. To make a game for the web and two mobile platforms won't cost that much to get to launch. However, the platforms you're talking about demand continued support post-launch. Easily 75% of the effort is spent after launch. These games have to be supported with new content and updates with lots of communication with the user community, if you want the game to continue earning money for your business. And after your first game has become a success, you have to continue supporting it while you start working on a second one (necessitating expansion of the business). So it's probable that my $1-2M was lowballing, but I think it would take quite some time to get up to the tens of millions, working on one game for web and mobile.



Agree with above but with condition this is a popular and good selling game, i believe developer or publisher wont spend much effort on low profitable game. Customer service, event and update are important for online game. 

In Topic: How much it cost to develop a game similar like Clash of Clan, Friendly fire?

05 December 2013 - 09:11 PM

I disagree with all of the above estimates - largely because they haven't taken into account the real cost of maintaining the kind of server infrastructure required to run a free to play game like Clash of Clans effectively. Non-free to play games, or ones with just in app purchases may not incur the same kind of overheads, so can be cheaper.


One quote I've been given is that it can cost $1 per player, per day to run your server infrastructure, tracking your player's habits and building up a database of their behaviour. I'm inclined to believe that it can be done more cheaply, but I don't think this number is unreasonable. If you have ~200k players, your monthly bill is going to start running well into the millions. You'll need the cash at bank to run your game for at least a few months after launch or you'll fail to get out of the gate.


If you're expecting said 200k players, you'll need a cool $16.8 million just to run your infrastructure for the initial three months.


In order to be successful, you'll need to hire people to analyse the data you're gathering, so you'll want a statistician (data analyst) and a player psychologist at the minimum - both of these are expensive people to have. Building and maintaining the software for your infrastructure will require someone with extensive networking, security and database experience, the kind of people you'll be competing against banks and other high paying industries to retain.


You'll of course also need developers and administrative support to handle the actual game development, as others have mentioned above.



Realistically, I would estimate your initial investment prior to shipping your game will probably in the order of $20-25 million.


You mean a new brand new company need 20-25 million initial investment to develop and publish a game? For real? Tons of game company out there and i don't really believe all of these company have such capital to run their game. 

In Topic: How much it cost to develop a game similar like Clash of Clan, Friendly fire?

05 December 2013 - 02:53 AM


Ah... sound like i got to be a multimillionaire in order to publish my desire game. 


Or you just need a good business plan to get investors to foot the bill.


I might say that it could be done for quite a bit less then $1m.  I was the tech lead on a top 10 iOS game for my company and there is no way it cost $1m to make.  Probably in the range of $300-$350k.  Granted the art in Clash of Clans is better then ours which is going to help drive up the price a fair amount.



I got zero knowledge about programming, illustration. Like many other gamer, we always have some idea which inspired on abc game and hoping some one will invest their money and whoala, this game get famous.


But the fact is, no one will invest on you, like tom said in his web, most of the publisher or developer already have their very own idea or plan. So in order to hope and wait some one will invest their money in, i prefer to find some way out to earn that particular amount. But if there is any investor are willing to invest their money on gamer idea, i will definitely give it a shot.

In Topic: How much it cost to develop a game similar like Clash of Clan, Friendly fire?

04 December 2013 - 09:44 PM

Ah... sound like i got to be a multimillionaire in order to publish my desire game. 

In Topic: What type of Language that i should learn, for a real new beginner?

30 August 2013 - 08:38 AM

It doesn't really matter what language it is that you learn.

Sure many will point you towards building yourself up from easier languages to more difficult languages, such as starting out on python and working through things like C# or Java and up to more lower level programming languages like C or C++. Look for the qualities in the language that you desire. C and C++ are probably one of the best things to use for game programming, but they are indeed a bit more difficult to learn than say C# or Java.

In the end you'll acquire two skills, one of them being language dependent, and the other being language independent. Why not choose the most useful language to your "cause" and stick with it building up both of your skills in tandom?

If your getting stuck and are attempting to find the grand language that will teach you everything, well, you won't find it. You'll need to bite down hard through the errors that occur and persist even after a week of the same error. I remember the first time I encountered a bug on my part, a pointer pointing to random memory. Took me nearly two weeks to fix( I'm hopeless ). The second time I messed up and caused it, took me no longer than a few seconds to identify, and a few minutes to fix it.



Dear Iron Man, 


Thank you for your advice, in that case i shall proceed to CS50.