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In Topic: Help With Expanding On An Idea

16 September 2013 - 09:00 AM

playing meter beater doesn't sound like much fun, you need bank robbers and real sh*t to deal with. that could be pretty cool.  chasing joy riders, stuff like that.  it's all about the chase. and of course the occasional shootout!  but being a cop, your rules of engagement are rather limiting, so not too many shootouts. as for calling in backup, that would likely turn into a "sitiation" where everyone including the chief shows up, there'a big standoff with negotiations and such, and you end up getting sent out for coffee and doughnuts. (yawn!).


i could see chasing bank robbers through the alleys of London in little mini eurocars, or joyriders in a stolen hot something through the streets of Tokyo by night. two very cool scenarios there.


check out the following movies for inspiration:


the driver  - the ultimate car chase move - bar none.

fast and furious - late model - fake wheelies - my 700HP chevelle road-racer would eat them all for breakfast - but surely they must have good car chases.

worlds worst drivers - reality - cable

bullet - steve mc queen - most famous car chase in the movies.

the transporter - good euro action there

as i recall they did some good stuff in Bourne Identity as well - or that may have been transporter again.

gone in 60 seconds - saw it. don't remember anything spectacular though, other than Angelina Jolie of course <g>.


I understand and thats why I get stuck between realism and gameplay. I want the game to be realistic but not too realistic to drive people away. The game wouldn't just revolve around a beat cop's normal day. I hopefully want to bring scenario's like bank robbery chase, security van hijack and many some other things into it aswell. They do sound like hard but fun tasks to deal with. The problem with shootout is if I want to base it around my local police which we have 3 units with 3 people per unit. So that means theres only 9 people that can carry guns where I live. That could need a transition where you can choose between "classes" and say be a traffic cop and then change into a firearms officer if you go to the station or a certain area. 


Calling backup in the sense of traffic police would mean that you are incharge of this chase and have control. You would be first in line following this vehicle. In the sense of say a firearms officer, it wouldn't be normal as one call of a firearm and all 3 units are sent to the scene to lockdown the area. I'll be looking into the movies, I've seen most of them but it doesn't hurt to watch it and take notes.

In Topic: Help With Expanding On An Idea

15 September 2013 - 01:22 PM

Suppose that I'm playing the game, and I've come across a suspect. Now, if there aren't any complications that would lead to calling in reinforcements, what's the simplest way that I could take them down?

You could use the PNC to run the name through. If the name has no warrants and everything checks out depending on the offence you could let him go, give him a fine, or give a street caution. Its all up to what the player would deem fit at the time.