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Getting SDL downloaded and installed

15 October 2013 - 02:52 PM

I'm sort of at the point where I'm tearing my hair out over this one. I have Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 and I'm trying to get started working with SDL 2.0. My problem is that I'm not finding any complete tutorials.


I've found a great guide for setting it up here, but I tried compiling it and I get the error "LNK1104: cannot open file SDL.lib" Huh. I put a copy of the file where I was told to, as well as in every other folder. I also get the warning "LNK4098: defaultlib 'msvcrt.lib' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library." No idea what this means.


I am determined that my problem is that I don't know WHAT I need to download. I originally got the source code and found much of what I needed missing. I got and combined the runtime binaries and dev libraries, and that's what I'm working with now. But following this experiment, I'm not even sure of that. Help? Please? I really want to move on and learn to use SDL.

Getting Started with Graphics. Help?

16 September 2013 - 05:32 PM

So I just polished off the C++ for Dummies 7 in 1 book and have Michael Dawson's text well behind me, and I'm ready to attack a game. Problem is, neither of these books touched at all on actual graphic presentation.


Where do I go from here? Win32 seemed logical, but I keep hearing that it's inferior to OpenGL. OpenGL seems viable, but the tutorials seem fragmented all over the internet and I'm unsure even if there are programs/plug-ins I need to download, or even where to get them.


Looking for some guidence here on what to pursue, where to get it from, and how to learn it.