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Would LUA, xml, or some scripting language be for me?

21 January 2014 - 05:16 AM

So I'm working on a game in C++ and I was debating whether I should use lua or xml to help me. I'll need a way to store all my data for the characters. It'll be a small pokemon like rpg. So everything has stats, moves it can learn when it levels up, experience to next level, etc etc.


I could set that up in an array, record, or something to hold all of this. But I was wondering if xml or lua would be possible to do this as well and make life easier for me. But as I looked more into it I thought this might give the user too much access if I set it up wrong.


What kind of instance would using lua or xml be proper time to use it? Could I use it to hold the config settings?

How would I port a game?

17 January 2014 - 06:04 PM

If I make a game on Windows using OpenGL, C++, and some other multiplatform libraries what would I need to do to say port it over to Linux or Mac? What would be some mistakes people make when programming that are OS exclusive? Thanks for any help.

Getting the art to the rest of the team

06 November 2013 - 01:15 AM

I'm not an artist but I'm working with a club member who's making the art and I'm not sure the best way to go about having him get the art to me. Should I have him make a Dropbox, send through email, etc? I'm not sure of the best way to go about this.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

SFML and Tiled Map Editor

02 November 2013 - 09:20 PM

So I'm using sfml and to make the map I'm using the Tiled map editor. I found this to parse the data for sfml but the problem is I'm not sure I understand how to get it as part of the project.




I asked how to add this to my project and the author of the blog post put this.



put the header files in a directory which is in your projects include path, and add the cpp files to your project. You'll also need zlib which you download then add in the same way as SFML


There are a lot of cpp files in various folders and the zlib structure isn't the same as sfml so I don't know where it's include, lib, or what additional dependencies to put down.


Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Issues publishing to github

30 October 2013 - 07:50 AM

So I'm working with my club and then a group of friends on separate projects both using Visual Studio 2012. I was able to publish to the club's repo on github fine and all but I can't publish to the one for my friends' repo on github. I get this error when I try to publish a change to my friends' repo.

An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error).
Response status code does not indicate success: 403 (Forbidden).

I'm not sure why. Also, I remember it asking for a username and password when I published to my club's email and it never asks for a password when I try to use my friends' and my repo.


Sorry if this is wrong but I'm kind of beginner using github and it sounds like people recommend that.