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The Procedural Engine v 0000.0

20 September 2013 - 01:26 AM

Hello All


The Devils Production Studio Coming into Light.... I am wanting to make a game engine Call The Procedural Engine, Wanting to make a Game Engine, Open Source/OpenGL, that uses Procedural Techniques to Created Vast worlds and Universes. that has a pipeline into various other Open Source Modeling Platforms like Blender and gimp, that uses advanced graphic and rendering features and advanced physics. that can make games just as easy as unity......Has a Real Time Graphics Engine=What you see in the editor is what you get,move a light and the light moves with it etc. Content is streamed off Disk and has online features for making online games, Can support Xbox360 Playstation 3 Wii,Pc,Mac,Linux and can pipeline into various updated game console Systems Example Xbox The One,Playstation 4!! Along with Android and IOS devices. Here is the Crux of it All. I dont Script nor have I learned how to Script and am going to collage for Graphic Arts,,,,,,I love creating Games just dont know how to program or script them. Just like Modeling and making Game Textures. SO I am in need of some programers to do this open source Project to start off with if it becomes a hit then we make it into a Game Engine Title with all revenue and profits going to the programers and workflow of the studio.. I am also wanting to make this Game engine for my own studio..... IF interested and a Programer and or any other useful comments Please Respond


The Devils Productions