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J. Faraday

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How much do I pay someone for coming up with some ideas for my game?

16 December 2014 - 09:14 PM

Hello friends,
If you want to cut to the chase, just scroll down to "The Problem". But here is a little back story regarding the issue I am currently facing.
I am in the process of developing a small online video game using C++ and SFML. Right now I am finishing up the map editor and will then be coding content and searching for artists, etc. It has taken me about 15 years of my life to hone the decently large skill set I need to create the game of my choosing: Advanced C++ and Programming in General, Game Engine Architecture, AI, Game Design, Physics, Advanced Math, TCP/IP, Oracle/SQL, etc. I am a Computer Scientist, and have also spent many thousands of hours reading books on video game development, technology, etc. You get the picture. 
So for a lot of my life, my best friend and I would come up with ideas, and he would sit next to me while I coded the entire thing. I used to need him there specifically to get things done and to talk things through with, and we would always say back then we would split it 50/50 even though I would do almost all of the work.  I am talking about things like social networking sites. Most of these have ultimately failed of course, but it was always fun to pump ideas out.
Since my earliest memories, my goal was to create video games. That is why I became a Computer Scientist, and that is why I do most of the things I do like spend endless hours coding and reading books and researching my dream. His dream is to become a quick billionaire by pitching someone an idea, someone creating the entire project, something that takes no longer than a few days usually, and when it is released it would hopefully pick up like Facebook and make billions, and we would split it. We have talked about making games in the past, but he NEVER wanted to put in the time to learn to code himself, nor pursue it due to the large workload involved with creating a video game independently, and at times wanted me to stick with quicker easier ways to make money and abandon the video game industry. 
Note that the art used in this is not mine, it is only for testing purposes and not for commercial purposes. I am in the process of looking for Artists. If you are looking to do art work similar to this for a game, contact me.
The Problem:
I finally have my graphical map editor and most of my engine complete. The game is in sight, and it has a lot of people excited. Since I am planning on using an idea that we both came up with for the premise of the video game, he is expecting half of everything we make. When I say we came up with it together, that means we both just talked for a little bit and came up with a conclusion based on various different games. We talked, no writing ideas or anything. I was the one who later did that. However, there is no way in HELL that I would allow him to get anything remotely close half based on what I put into this, solely for some input. As the game progresses and receives a little bit of money (hopefully), I would not mind hooking him up considering he did play a small role in the idea of the game, but considering the amount of time and effort I have exhausted to get to the point I am at, his input of ideas is worth such a small amount in comparison to all the effort I have put in. To me, the time I put in is not just the time I spent programming the map editor and such. I consider that a very small part. I look at the amount of work and dedication, sweat, and tears I put in over the years, the belief when no one believed in me, the staying inside when all of my friends were partying, the searching for information before it was readily available etc., That is what is worth the most to me. Since this is my baby, this game has a sweet spot in my heart. It would never be worth that much to him.
But anyway, with all things considered, how much money do I give him? Do I give him a percentage? Do I give him a fixed amount? I do not really want to change my idea completely, but also if you guys think that is the best advice, I will do that. I already know that this will hurt his feelings, so I may as well give it to him straight. Keep in mind that he is my best friend, but as they say: "What's right is right." Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? 
I appreciate your help! And by the way, I will be making a post within a few weeks regarding this game of mine smile.png so you all can see what I am trying to protect.
J. Faraday

Student Game Programmer Looking for Mentor.

09 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

Hello everyone,


I am seeking a mentor that can help me to develop my video game development skills and help me to be successful with your experience.


I am a computer science student at Rutgers University and am a Junior as well as a Straight A student. It has been my life's task to become a game developer / programmer as well as to just envelop my life in anything video game related. Since I was 3 years old, playing Atari, I knew that I had to make video games.


Over the past few years, I've experimented with OpenGL, Ogre3d, SFML, as far as graphics libraries are concerned. I have pretty solid skills with C++ and Java, and SQL and Oracle Servers, and starting programming at 10 years old. Lately I've been reading many different books. Some of these are on Algorithm Efficiency, Game Design, Game Engine Architecture, Immersion, Networking, Haptics, OpenGL, Ogre3d, SFML, and am trying to put this knowledge into practice. Other materials I've read are some of the GameDev magazines, and a lot on these forums.


My first Game Design Expo was in Phili at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center back in '09 or '10 I believe. My first video game published was called Urban Riot, and was a text based, browser based, online game back from '06 to '08 that had about 10,000 active users. Me and one buddy created it with PHP and SQL. It is no longer live.


By now I have a pretty solid overall picture of the game development process.


One of my hobbies is reading up on how to make my ideas and dreams into a reality, how to gain mastery in a skill, goal setting, etc. I would do anything to become a successful game developer.


Currently, what I think I want to do is to create a video game from scratch, or work from an existing engine to create something. However, I am not sure if this is the route I should go. I do not know if I should make an engine from scratch, work on a popular existing one, join someone else's game project, etc. I need help directing my talent and networking.


I am looking for someone who has experience in the video game industry. There are many of you on here that I believe would be able to help me. Some of you are obviously masters in your field, or close to it. I would love to get to know you personally and to be directed with my decisions and where I use my time. I guess my goal is to be able to be hired from some video game company by the time I graduate next year (if possible).


Thanks for your consideration.


J. Faraday

MMO Engine Production - Do we create from scratch or use libraries?

20 January 2014 - 07:48 PM

I was recently asked whether or not it was more effective to start out a 3D Online RPG engine by creating all of the engine pieces from scratch, or use already created free, open-source libraries. These pieces include a graphics rendering engine, networking engine, audio engine, physics engine, content engine, and each of these component's sub-parts. 


The project in question was to be a small 3D Online RPG game that would be released to the public for free yet have a monthly subscription fee.


So the questions I have are:


Do free, previously coded and open source game engine libraries usually allow their creations to be used in projects that charge a monetary, monthly fee for their products?


Are these free open source game engine libraries easily integrated and combined with each other in a project?


Thanks in advance!

Physics / Calculus III Problem

13 October 2013 - 01:57 PM

You are in outer space in a spaceship at location (2, -3, 1) that has run out of fuel, drifting in space in the direction of <-1, 1, 2> at a speed of sqrt(6)mph. You need to be re-equipped with power and supplies. The closest supply station is located at (10, 5, 10) and it sends out a supply vessel perpendicular to your projected line of flight.


a) What is the minimal distance to your line of flight?

b) What direction did the supply package take?

c) In terms of your flight parameter, t = time (in hours), when does this closest approach occur?

d) Where is this interception point?


I need help with this problem. 


I figured that some of you may want some practice on this, and seeing as how I can visualize this problem but I do not know the proper steps to take, it could be helpful to all of us. 


Thanks in advance.