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Journal Entries

2d Game Creation > Small break, but back to work

Posted 02 March 2015

I took a break due to work being hectic and everyone seeming to get sick. I added alpha blending and I have working armatures and working on the keyframes to create animations.

2d Game Creation > It looks like something

Posted 22 October 2014

I got rid of most of the slider bars now that I have working color picking and constant buffers. So I decided to try and draw something. I was going for the mysterious woman on the water in a row boat.
All the shapes now have visible, clickable, control points. I need to work a little bit more on correct mouse movement translations (you move left but t...

2d Game Creation > Color Picking, Constant Buffers, and Shaders

Posted 20 October 2014

FINALLY!!! Constant buffer worked without errors. I guess I kept running into bad examples. Many were missing information. I simply wanted to do color picking and set a constant buffer for the color. So both the color picking and the constant buffer (to set the object/shape to a solid color to be referenced) were a pain.
R - What kinds of pick (gui, ob...

2d Game Creation > Bezier, it's french

Posted 17 October 2014

So I got bezier curves kickin', along with variable width of the start, middle, and end. If you have not used bezier ([be.zje] ) is actually not a hard concept, but very effective. They use control points to modify a line interpolation from straight line into a curve.
Coding Math 19 was very helpful.

I used cubic bezier, so I have a start point, end poi...

2d Game Creation > Ellipses

Posted 12 October 2014

Directx, What a pain in the butt! I learned opengl with no problems when it came to using uniform data and sending it to the shaders. Constant Buffers are not nearly as user friendly. I am sure they have wonderful attributes to them, but geez. But I did get my ellipses working along with my curved lines. I am using control points to define the length and...