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Martin Wilde's Audio Programming Book

19 October 2014 - 05:04 PM

Oddly specific shot in the dark here. Just started reading Martin D. Wilde's audio programming for interactive games book. I bought it used, but it did not come with its accompaniment CD.

I'm not sure how ethical this is, but does anybody out there happen to have the CD to this book they could upload to me? Or anyone know how I can contact the author? Again, I paid for the book, but got ripped off from getting the CD. Woe is me!

By the way, the book is great so far for those interested in the topic!

Audio Programming for the Non-programmer

10 August 2014 - 12:09 PM

Hey guys. I know this is a hot topic with some of us, but I know personally I'd love to hear more information on this:


So, I went to GDC a few months ago and a lot of the audio guys I talked to thought it was really important these days for game audio professionals to know how to implement their own audio. This gives the composer/sound designer control of how the audio is used in the game as opposed to throwing your assets "over the fence" to the game developers and hope for the best. I can talk about how important that it might be for the audio person to be mixing in-game, controlling audio behavior, etc, etc, but I'll leave that for another time.


I know how to used FMOD very well, but it's what happens afterwards is what I would like to be more involved with. Where does an audio guy like me begin with learning how to program audio? What programming language should I be looking at? Are there any good resources available to concentrate solely on audio implementation programming and not learning a whole broad language? Should I even bother? 


I know the argument has been made that audio people should be focusing on music/sound. I am considering all options and want to assess how much time/effort it would take to learn audio programming. Any thoughts?