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In Topic: A deeper way of representing opinions of NPCs

25 March 2016 - 09:49 AM

I tried doing something similiar to this for food, I created a vector with 5 values representing sweetness, saltiness, spicyness, etc... then, I gave each npc a random vecotor as their "Prefered" flavor, then the distance between the foods vector and the npcs vector was how far from their preferred taste the food was.... so I could then assign "Really like it!' "Like's it" "will eat it"... etc based on that dist.


Perhaps in this case you can find some other axis to track..

In Topic: Creating a Text Adventure Game

07 March 2016 - 03:51 PM

Each location should be a node in a graph. Each node is connected by edges At a given node, possible exits are determined by the edges connected to the node. This way you only need to store the players current node and the nodes can be in a 1D graph. You *Could* remove all the edges, place your nodes on a 2D graph and use collision detection to find nearby accessible nodes... I've done this before when I wanted to take into consideration different modes of transport... I.E: If I am on a node and the 5 unit diameter walk circle collides with another node players can "walk" to that location, if the 50 unit diameter drive circle collides with another node they can "Drive" to the other location. You can also add multiple layers of maps... one the top most map nodes would represent different cities and points of interest, and each city, point of interest would have a subgraph with locations within that point of interest. In any case, you shouldn't need to store more than their current position (via nodeId or NodeId,SubNodeId.

In Topic: how can i fix this quest?

29 February 2016 - 11:38 AM

Maybe when you choose the random treasure you also choose some random obstacle. Some massively valuable treasure for which the location is somewhat well known would not last long enough to become a legend, there would have to be something challenging about retrieving the treasure to allow it to sit forgotten long enough for rumors and legends to start being circulated. Unfortunately this interpretation also means that it should take awhile for legends and rumors to die even after the treasure is retrieved... so some, if not many of the treasures would be empty b/c someone else had already heard the story and gotten there first.

In Topic: Fantasy Weapon Type Differentiate

16 February 2016 - 11:02 AM

I am suprised there are not more comments on this... Personally, I think you are limiting yourself by not allowing weapons to affect multiple characters, one of the easiest methods of displaying difference between weapons would be attack patterns. *BUT* there are still plenty of other good ways. The Slashing/Bludgeoning/Piercing attack types is a good start. Other possible methods: If range is currently binary (Melee/ranged) you could split it into more ranges... short range (daggers), Melee range (swords), Reach (Spears), Ranged (XBow, etc). You give each weapon type a specific effect... Knockback on war hammers, Sunder Armor on Battle Axes, Bleed on daggers, Trip on whips, Disarm on... uh... you know... the pointy things made to disarm people, etc...

In Topic: Making a shot harder to pull off.

29 September 2014 - 11:32 PM

You mention stories about amazing feats people accomplish while mortally wounded. There are stories (true or not) of say, mothers lifting cars off of children after accidents... this is the exception, not the normal "Realistic" result.  The same applies to everything else, the stories you mention are so incredible because they are so unusual. Also, I never said every gun shot was deadly either, I said it makes things much more complicated. Walking/moving on a leg that just got shot is similiar to attempting to walk on a leg that just got broken. Attempting to fire with an arm with a gun shot is definitey going to effect your aim, these disadvantages are what get you killed, I was under the impression that you wanted gun fights to be more survivable, it wasn't particularly clear that you simply wanted to make the player take longer to die. It's possible, but your not going to be doing jumping jacks or sprinting to cover. Getting hit in the chest while wearing a vest will still knock you down, take your wind and possibly break some ribs. Also, if you got hit, you must not have been in good enough cover... who ever is shooting at you now has a much easier target.  




The problem I am having is that a shot through the heart, note that the game only counts the ventricles as heart shots and doesn't count shots to the atrium because they're totally different, while not an instant kill most of the time, is unsurvivable even with medical attention due to extremely heavy DOT that lasts an impossibly long time and a special constant damage effect (if large enough) that never goes away. This is realistic, being shot through the heart in any situation you'd find in game would be an absolute death sentence. (The circumstances in which you could actually survive such a wound are squarely in the "not goanna happen" category anyway, and they're impossible to replicate in-game.) The problem is, the heart is not an especially hard target to hit and such a rapid death is a big deal in a game where it's normally rare for a single gunshot wound to kill you and dying from anything tends to take rather a long time.


    Here, you explicitly state that you think a hit in the heart is the problem EVEN THOUGH it doesn't always kill you instantly... indicating that any other fatal shot that has similiar results (i.e death) would be an issue.  You say in your game it should be "rare for a single gunshot wound to kill you", but without the right kind of attention it is not "rare" for a single round to the chest to kill a person.  

 A statistic from www.trama.org:

"For penetrating thoracic injury the survival rate is fairly uniform at 18-33%, with stab wounds having a far greater chance of survival than gunshot wounds."   http://www.trauma.org/archive/thoracic/EDTrationale.html


The fact that you would prefer a gun shot wound to take a long time to kill you, would generally lead someone to believe that you would attempt to give the player options they could take to avoid getting killed after being shot... not many game designers look for ways to make more of the time players are playing their game have no "winning moves". 


You then say "many enemies in the game also use guns"...enemies that use guns tend to be humanoid... and if guns are common it generally leads one to believe that gun fights will be common. If gun fights are to be common then the player seems to be expected to be able to survive gun fights commonly. In order to answer this game "realistically" as you seem to have wanted we can only fall upon knowledge of other instances where there are many enemies often carrying guns in real life... which oddly enough is a pretty good description of a war.



 I did actually realize that my first post, while I had hoped to be helpful didn't actually address the issue concerning the difficulties of aiming... which is precisely why I added the second post which dealt exclusively with the many variables that affect accuracy. I do actually have experience with weapons, I was combat ops in Iraq for two separate years. I have been trained on the maintenance and use of an array weapons... granted I was a General Issue Joe and not the super star spec ops... I still feel the super human abilities your ascribing to the spec ops guys sounds more like holly wood fantasy then the "do what works" reality. 


You should try to control your temper. It's rude to treat people trying to help you the way you do.