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In Topic: The Week of Awesome IV ! - Fourth annual (un?)official gamedev.net compet...

Today, 09:05 AM


I have a question:
Do I take it correctly then that including more than two of the themes would not confer any bonus points? (This does seem fair to me; if there were an advantage to including more themes, then the de facto maximum score involves doing so, defeating the point (if I gather it correctly) of having a choice of themes.)

no, there is no bonus for more than 2 themes being implemented, however i fail to see how this "defeats the point" of multiple themes? You are not limited to one gameplay/graphic combo, you can choose both graphics, or both gameplays, but only two need to be implemented.


Does this mean implementing a theme either in terms of graphics or in terms of gameplay is considered enough to be worth full marks in this category? Or is there like 5 points for visual, 5 points for gameplay per theme? Or is this meant to be completely up to each judge?


This was the category my team had the most varied scores for last year, from 15% to 80% -- a difference I found somewhat surprising at the time.


Due to various deadlines at work, I'm also uncertain whether I can participate this year, but I'm hoping I can join.

In Topic: 'Week of Awesome 2016' Game Jam at GDNET?

26 May 2016 - 01:56 PM

I seem to remember there being some discussion even among the judges as to what the actual scores should represent.

I think having something written up-front as to what the different scores mean for each category might be beneficial, both for judges and contestants. I can't actually remember if this was done last time or not...

At least it might help negate some disappointment concerning expectations and results.


I also think that any disappointment was, for the most part, short-lived -- personally I would definitely have liked to end up higher placed (and thought I would), but given a day or two to let things settle I didn't have any strong issues with the results :)


For me, I might possibly want to participate and make something, but I don't think I have the resources to offer anything more than that this time around.

In Topic: Confused About Frames Per Second

24 May 2016 - 02:05 PM

noticeable, or necessary?


I would say it depends on the specific game. I feel like the more reflex/fast-paced the game is, the more necessary higher frame rates become in order for it to be enjoyable (which I think has a higher threshold than "playable").


I think the most extreme case would probably be fighting games at a competitive/professional level.

In Topic: Confused About Frames Per Second

24 May 2016 - 06:40 AM

you only need a solid 15 fps to be sufficiently responsive to be playable. once you hit 30 or so, your animation is smooth and your responsiveness is quite snappy. anything more is just smoother animation eye candy. turns out that lower framerates (within reason) aren't bad, variable frames rates are bad.

This reads like an absolute truth, but it isn't; it depends wildly on the game. While the games you make might be fully playable at lower framerates (and might also thus be what you're accustomed to), it does not mean that translates to every other game/genre.

For fighting and racing games in particular, higher framerates are easily noticable, far above 30 frames per second.

For a chess game without fancy movements/animations, 2 frames per second would probably still be playable (although possibly somewhat annoying with selection latency).

I can't think of a single instance where a higher frame rate would lead to a worse product, but I can definitely think of the inverse.


For VR games/applications, what is considered to be usable is also much much higher, although not for the same reasons.


That said, I definitely agree with constant frame rates being very important. Companies are also starting to catch on to this, e.g. by offering optional frame rate limiters if the frame rate varies, and even in some cases options for whether graphics quality or frame rate is to be prioritized (both of which, for console games, are a fairly huge change to the status quo).

In Topic: Looking for experience?

23 May 2016 - 01:04 PM

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