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In Topic: My understanding for developing a video game, can I get some insight?

24 April 2016 - 07:04 PM

You also haven't answered my clarification question about the book you named.  

This was answered.


Post #16 (proper quoting is failing me, sorry):

Yes, of course by Dunn. It is true that there are lot of books with the same name, so I will mention the author next time.

In Topic: Total Begginer needs lot of advice

24 April 2016 - 01:36 PM

Tutorial Doctor.... thx for your reply and please accept my apologies as I accidently down voted your post instead of up voting :( im new here ok :D.. very sorry if I can edit that please tell me how :)...


I've up-voted it to cancel your accidental down-vote.

In Topic: My understanding for developing a video game, can I get some insight?

24 April 2016 - 04:46 AM


Of course, any constructive feedback is insulting. And even if it wasn't, that's my way of saying things. Instead of trying to change it, maybe I should find a job where it is appreciated.(or die of hunger)  :lol:


because you are lazy.  -_- 


And this is a forum, so I can give my opinion here.

This is the For Beginners forums, where there are certain rules in place when answering questions.

One of these rules quite clearly state you should not be insulting. If you cannot abide by those rules, I would suggest you refrain from posting in this forum.


No, not all constructive criticism is insulting. Looking over the many many posts in the For Beginners forum, you will see that most posts aren't insulting, even if they give critique and answer questions.

If that's your way of saying things, I would suggest you learn how to communicate your thoughts and meanings in a less hostile way.


It's completely fine if you disagree with something, or feel that you know better and can guide someone. Just keep in mind that the way something is communicated has an effect.



As for the question on why the world editor is part of the game:

As frob said, the details will vary from game editor to game editor.

It is not a requirement for a game that the editor is part of it. The bigger and more commercial engines (Unity, Unreal, etc) have spent hundreds or even thousands of work-years on improving their editors. A big part of their focus is to allow more rapid iteration/changes/tweaks to the world, which they've attempted to solve by making the engine and the game as interconnected as they can.


Other engines/games, especially small/home-made ones, do not have this functionality. Or if they do, they don't have it to the same extent.

In those cases, the result is usually more back and forth between various tools and editors to have something running in the game. It might not be as user-friendly or "agile" or quick to iterate on, but it's still a perfectly valid way to make games.

Loads of games are made using both methods.



I really miss Selective Quote.

In Topic: Best engine for card-based game?

23 April 2016 - 04:02 AM

I am in preproduction of a card-based game (think Hearthstone). What engine is the best for that type?

For reference, Hearthstone was made in Unity.

In Topic: Question about adding bullets to arraylists

22 April 2016 - 07:34 AM


Also, it's not really good forum etiquette to remove your questions and replace them with "[solved]". That way no-one else can benefit from the question and answer later on. When your issue is solved, reply to the thread letting other people know what the problem was. Then try to learn from the experience.

Apparently I shouldn't have even had that problem in the first place according to a few (not in a mean way at all, but it would make sense). With that rationale, why would people benefit off of a problem regarded as being 'dumb'? (My words, not anyone else's).

If my post is being down voted to oblivion because of that, here's my fix:

I screwed up my draw method. It was being called in a weird way.



Because, regardless of whether if your problem was dumb or not, other people also make mistakes.

I still makes stupid mistakes all the time, as do all other people, I would guess. There's nothing special about making stupid mistakes.


Mainly, the thing that improves with experience is your ability to troubleshoot and find the error on your own (and the ability to create some really outstanding mistakes inconceivable by most beginners).