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#5231566 what is the best way to design ai for games like x-o or chess

Posted by Lactose! on Yesterday, 05:00 PM

Is "x-o" a different name for Tic-Tac-Toe?

#5231486 Variable Frame Rates and time

Posted by Lactose! on Yesterday, 09:43 AM

Fix Your Timestep

#5231319 Anyone got any ideas where 4k a sec is coming from?

Posted by Lactose! on 27 May 2015 - 01:12 PM

4KB/sec = 240KB/minute

Which would give ~1.2MB in 5-10 minutes, not 160MB as you're seeing.

Could you double check what you're seeing?


I don't see anything immediately wrong with your code, but, as others have said as well, I wouldn't rely on Windows Task Manager if you want accurate data*. Have you tried using any other memory tracker?



*Anecdotally, my Windows Task Manager is completely broken. It lists every single running application as using 0 CPU and memory.

#5231151 What does this mean: 0 < r, g, b, a < 1

Posted by Lactose! on 26 May 2015 - 05:03 PM

Where beneath the < a underscore is written.
Which I believe simply means less or equal then.

Emphasis added.



There's a line underneath the < character, which, backed by his statements, gives us the following character:

Also known as the "less than or equal to" character.

#5230680 Game Programming from 0 or using already made game engine?

Posted by Lactose! on 24 May 2015 - 08:55 AM

If you do end up making a game from scratch, Handmade Hero might be of interest.

#5229222 if wall is in front turn, else go.

Posted by Lactose! on 15 May 2015 - 04:48 PM

This reminds me of a system I thought about a wall ago, which is an anticipation system.

Imagine a ball rolling towards the cliff of a table. You could anticipate that the ball will fall, if the eventual y position will be negative(or less than the current y position) some time in the near future, if it continues along its current path. Therefore, you might tell it to jump before it falls.

           | //Large enough delta height that the check triggers and the ball jumps from X
           |________          _________
                    |        |
                    |        |
                    |        |
                    |        |
                    |/\/\/\/\| //Spikes of doom, gap is such that jump from top platform results in landing here
Edit: Argh formatting.

#5228649 structuring time into sfml game

Posted by Lactose! on 12 May 2015 - 02:19 PM

Movement shouldn't be frame-based, but time-based.

Related, and required reading:

Fix your timestep.

#5227264 Box2d car accelerator doing wrong , car doesn't accelerate Right

Posted by Lactose! on 05 May 2015 - 03:49 AM

This sounds like a good opportunity to become more proficient at debugging.


Try setting a breakpoint where you update the car's position. Inspect the various variables and see if there are some that seem to be other than you (or the functions you use them in) expect.

Then trace those variables further back, to see where they come from.

Repeat until you find the problem.

#5227140 Box2d car accelerator doing wrong , car doesn't accelerate Right

Posted by Lactose! on 04 May 2015 - 08:42 AM

Since it is accelerating, maybe you just need a higher acceleration value? It might be that the scale in Box2d doesn't match the scale in your game -- e.g. 200 units in Box2D might mean 2 pixels per second in your game.

#5227027 Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

Posted by Lactose! on 03 May 2015 - 04:53 PM

GameMaker has a scripting language (called Game Maker Language, or GML) you can use, which I would guess is more powerful/capable than the drag and drop interface.

I have no experience with it myself, but some quick searches seem to bring up some detailed information on it.


That said, Unity and other 3D engines can be used to make 2D stuff just fine. Unity has recently pushed for better 2D capabilities, which you might want to have a look at as well.

Again, no personal experience using this, so I'd recommend researching and testing some alternatives before comitting to any given solution.

#5226495 Random Number Generation

Posted by Lactose! on 30 April 2015 - 07:22 AM

samoth made a suggestion for 512-bit encryption.  Why not 1024- or 2048- or 4096-bit?

Because using 512 is already using a nuke to kill a fly trapped in a tiny box.

At some point you're going to have to realize that more firepower won't make the fly any deader.

#5226330 Random Number Generation

Posted by Lactose! on 29 April 2015 - 01:42 PM

As far as the actual numbers, I guess I never really did the math - I just know that ...


#5226261 Random Number Generation

Posted by Lactose! on 29 April 2015 - 09:03 AM

I do know quite a bit about security, especially cryptography

This just reeks of the Dunning–Kruger effect.


Do you honestly believe that whatever data you're transmitting needs to be more secure than (for example) the entire world's financial systems, military secrets or government branches who specialize in this stuff?

If you answer yes, you are either deluded, or you are trolling.

#5226154 Conway's Game of Life

Posted by Lactose! on 28 April 2015 - 03:21 PM

temp = current_board
current_board = next_board
current_board = temp

temp = current_board
current_board = next_board
next_board = temp

#5225694 What's next after knowing how to program?

Posted by Lactose! on 26 April 2015 - 01:31 PM

You might be interested in Handmade Hero.