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Tutorial Doctor

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Journal Entries

Tutorial Doctor's Journal > Game Development Career Guide (PDF)

Posted 20 May 2015

Found this awesome resource on all things gamedev:


Tutorial Doctor's Journal > Procedural Genration Wiki

Posted 07 May 2015

A must have resource for learning about procedural generation algorithms. Very useful stuff:


Tutorial Doctor's Journal > Full 3D Animation Course (Free)

Posted 09 January 2015

I have been digging deep to find resources to help me make better games. Here is a video course on Vimeo(downloadable) that will teach you the animation principles and apply them to 3D animations:

Tutorial Doctor's Journal > Free Unity3D Alternative (Godot Engine)

Posted 04 January 2015

I have found an awesome Unity3D alternative:

The Godot Engine:



It is Free and Open Source under the MIT license and is very feature rich. It h...

Tutorial Doctor's Journal > Crazy Bump Alternative (texture map generation)

Posted 01 January 2015

This is an awesome alternative to Crazy Bump. Based on Insane Bump.

Awesome Bump!