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Tutorial Doctor

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Euclidean is Back again (The World's most Realistic Graphics)

06 October 2014 - 07:21 PM

My brother and I have been keeping an eye out for Euclidean (The worlds' most realistic graphics Engine), and they just released another video recently:



Supposedly, they have 2 games coming out in 2015 that use this engine. 


The other day I saw a Let's Play video for the P.T. teaser that uses the Fox Engine. Those graphics are awesome as well. 


It seems that with the Fox Engine you have more control. 


Anyone excited about this? I know I am. 

The difference between Logic, Reasoning, and Thinking; Data, Information, and Knowledge?

11 September 2014 - 07:30 PM

I am digging deep into intelligence programming, and to do so, I have to draw out some very basic and non-superfluous, accurate definitions of Logic, Reasoning, and Thinking. I also need some for Data, Information, and Knowledge. And I need to know how they are different.

I have searched over the interent, but most definitions are too grandiloquent and wordy. I have to look up definitions for words in the definition.

I figure this site would be the best bet.

So, what is Logic, Reasoning, and Thinking, and how are they different?

What is Data, Information and Knowledge, and how are they different?

A game in a Day?

21 August 2014 - 08:51 PM

Okay, so the Lumadare event is this weekend, so I had a go at rushing out a game. The idea took forever to find, and the programming shouldn't have taken that long. 


This is my first ever public post. The game is not exactly finished, but with better models, better lighting, and a few animations, I could get some nice looking stuff up.


Am I pleased with it? Not at all, but I really used this to demonstrate a future Starter Pack for the game engine I am using. 


All of the shadows are baked. The models were done in Google Sketchup, and imported into Blender, and then to the Maratis3D engine I am using. 


However, there is no actual design going on. I just threw stuff together. 


Estimated time was actually about 6-7 hours. 


Anyone have any tips on game design in general? What workflow do you have?


Do you script first, then model, then polish?


Model first then script?


How long do you plan?


Any examples?


I want to make my workflow fast so that I can quickly sketch out game ideas. So any tips on speeding up the design process would be helpful.




Here is a video of it:

Engine & Modeler Specific Forums?

11 August 2014 - 10:57 AM

It would be nice if there were forums dedicated to specific engines or modelers (the main engines and modelers at least). 


Many times there are engine specific questions, and though this is a game development website, there is no place to post engine specific questions. So questions pertaining to the Urneal Engine are lost among all the other info. Posts about the Blender3D modeler are also lost. 


This way if you have a Unity3D related question, you can post in that forum, and those who use that engine can reply. 


As it stands, categories are all-around a little messy. Most of the time I have to play a guessing game at which one to post in. 


This could also be done for programming languages (main ones), and all other less used programming languages can be started under an "Other Languages" Forum topic.  


I know this site has been around for a long time, but is this viable? 


I see the "tags" are one way to get things related, but not all posts are tagged. 

Blender just made Rendering for Games Better.

31 July 2014 - 08:09 PM

Blender just added Baking in Cycles.

You can bake all data into your 3d models, including caustics! This is the one hangup I have been having with the engine I use


Now we can add photo realism to our game scenes, which will look much more AAA. 



The latest version of Blender can be found here:




If you happen to already have used it for something, I would love to see some examples here. 


Anyone else excited about this, or can think of any implementations of it? I will try to do something ASAP and upload here.