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If you had a magic button, what would it do?

28 January 2016 - 01:35 PM

This past hour of code, we went around to different schools trying to get students excited about coding. I figured the kids wouldn't quite understand why we program, or why it is a good profession to get into. 


So, I said to the students, "If you had a magic button, what would it do? If it did whatever you wanted with the press of a button, what would your button do?"


  • Some kids said that it would make food for them. 
  • Others said it would do their chores for them.
  • Still others said it would create a lot of money for them.
  • I suggested that they might want it to do their homework for them (that made them excited for sure). 
  • To the High School students I  suggested some of the students would want to find the love of their life. 


Then I told them that that computer in front of them has not just one button, but many buttons and that they can use those buttons to do these very things. If it be a robot that cooks, an app, or a dating website, these things can be created with a computer.


I could see that lightbulbs went off.


Now I am asking this question here for educational purposes. 


If you had a magic button, what would it do?


Storing AI data in a SQL database?

24 January 2016 - 02:54 PM

I have an idea to use SQL (mainly Python's sqlite3 module) to store AI data. 


I created a chatbot in Python a while ago:



And I am learning/teaching SQL basics:



I needed a project to work on to demonstrate how SQL could be used.


How plausible is it to use SQL to store artificial intelligence data?


Anyone know of any resources that could get me started in how that information would be structured?


For now, I think I can just store it in the database rather than in the memory array and that would be that. 


Just really need some guidance. 


I would also like to use SQL to store fuzzy data sets. Any direction on that would be helpful also.

Can a full program be stored in a photo image

09 November 2015 - 04:03 PM

I figured this was the place to ask.


I had an idea, and I supposed people with knowledge in graphics programming and theory could enlighten me. 


I had an idea that paper can be repurposed to backup computers. I don't mean printing the source code of a program on paper. What I mean is that the computer can look at an image, and execute the encoded program. Something like barcodes, but with more memory.


Barcodes store information. QR codes store information. So I tried to store a paragraph in a QR code, and it was too much to handle. 


I was wondering how much data can be stored in a pixel. Could pixels possibly store data other than color, like text? Or could colors represent text in a way? Can colors be converted to text?


This idea came about when thinking about a new type of security, which is really an old type of security. Paper.


Why paper? I don't really know yet. 


Perhaps something like a modern punch code/card system?


Any links to good resources on topics that might be of interest to me would be much appreciated. 

Introduction to Software/Game Development Repository

06 October 2015 - 02:16 PM

I have started a new Github repository aimed at getting beginners up to speed on software and game development. 

You can find it here:



Other than resources, it also has demo projects (and more are being added) of games made using the Godot game engine:



And web development projects using Brackets:



Feedback and suggestions are welcome. 


Game development section is linked to under "Create"


Scrolling background logic?

20 August 2015 - 11:46 AM

What is the logic for an infinite scrolling background given an engine with basic tools?


Also, would this be similar to the logic for a procedural level?


In a basic explanation, anyone care to give it a go?


Right now I am thinking of it like a typewriter. When the head gets to the end, it jumps back to the first position and repeats that. Am I close?