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Military Jet Copyrights

03 November 2013 - 09:44 PM

Hello everyone. I was wondering about using military jets in a game. I read a similar thread about gun copyrights and it seemed that as long as you change the name of the gun, you're OK. So, I am wondering if I create a 3D model of a F22-Raptor and call it like "M33-Vega" and give it a different color scheme, etc. Is that still against the law? 


Thank you for your time!

Song Remix Limits

30 October 2013 - 02:24 AM

Hello everyone. I'd like your opinion on certain questions regarding indie game music. 


At what point would you consider a song inspired by another song a different song?

Is a song that uses the same chords and tempo of a song but different lyrics still the same song?

If you recreate a song from scratch to sound like another song and use your own vocal samples instead of the original and change the lyrics is it still the same song? 

Would you dislike a good song because it got it's chords and structure from another song? 


My reason for asking is because for much of my music I take certain parts of songs that I like and then make up the rest to fill in for the parts of the original song I didn't like. 


Two examples of my dilemma can be found here:


My Version: BB



Original Song: Bullet Ballet (Armored Core 2 Another Age Soundtrack)



My Version: Autobahn Runway



Original Song: Autobahn (Armored Core Nexus)



Do you think I would get in trouble with my songs? Would you consider them remixes? Or different songs? 


Thank you for your time!


Tutorial Level Do's and Don'ts

25 October 2013 - 12:53 PM

Hello, my question is how to teach the player how to understand and navigate through the controls of the game in the guise of a normal level. What would be an ideal set of rooms, and what would be in those rooms to get the player comfortable with the later more advanced stages? 


My reason for asking this, is my brothers and I recently released a game (can be found in the indie-game forum section: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/649361-spheroid/#entry5104428), and was met with a lot of players saying that the game was too hard, or too confusing, or was not very well explained. So, I'd really like to change that, and we have decided that before any missions, the first "mission" should be specifically designed to get the player familiar with the game. 


Things I want the player to be familiar with:

-Controls for character-

-Reading Radar-


-unlocking doors-

-collecting all items in the area-


This might make a lot more sense if you try the game. But even just in theory, the main thing is getting the player accustomed to the controls. I got the basic idea of having a single simple enemy in the room. But should I just have a text message (from a character) tell you "fire with left click"? Or should I just let them figure it out?


Thank you for your time, 





25 October 2013 - 12:34 PM



So, this is a 10 month project (We are 7 months into it). We released a demo but there were a lot of negative responses about the game being too confusing or too difficult. The demo is simple, only having 3 levels that cover different types of gameplay found in the game. And there are a few things that will be changed in the final version such as better voice acting, and smoother gameplay, more levels, etc. 


The demo can be found here:

(It's an indigogo campaign page, but just ignore all that and click "PUBLIC DEMO [rar]". We gave up trying to reach our goal and are more worried about making the game better) 




But what I really would like to know is what makes the game confusing, and what could I do to make it more enjoyable? We really want to know what would make the game more fun. There are of course things that are too late to change such as the graphics and the overall engine, but that aside I'd really like to hear some opinions. 


If you have too much trouble figuring out how to play the game, there is a youtube "let's play" video up which you can watch to see how we originally meant for the game to be played when we designed it here:



Thank you for all your time, 



C# & Unity or C# & XNA?

23 October 2013 - 01:54 PM

Hello, I am relatively new to the forums here, but I do have quite some experience as a 3D modeler. My question is, for a 3D game, which combination of the two would you guys recommend? 


I was learning 'C#' with 'XNA', but I stopped once I heard that games created on 'XNA' cannot be made for the i phone or Samsung. However, 'Unity' apparently can. Which is why I am learning more towards learning Unity right now. This being said, I normally would rather make games for Windows PC, and if 'XNA' is better for that, then I am willing to stick with it. I just like the idea of being able to put my game on a phone if I want to.  


Thank you for all your time,