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Startup advise

24 October 2013 - 10:05 PM

Hello, I'm a Microsoft .NET developer and I've always wanted to get into gaming, but never really had the time to learn it. Now that I am self-employed, I'm tossing the idea around because I have some freedom in my time. So, I have the company structure complete because I use it for my current day to day business as an ERP consultant. I've also started the process to getting development rights with Playstation which includes an SDK and a debugging system. The process is really long, but it seems to be slowly moving forward. The idea is to start with a small game that can break-even or make a little profit, and then grow from there. 


So I've been doing some research and found that building a game obviously can't be done with just one developer, at least a 3D game. So I'm wondering if anyone has been in my position where they need developers to get their project going with little to no budget. Obviously I would be willing to give equity in the company, but as I have also read, many developers don't go for that anymore. So, has anyone on here had to raise money? And what did you have to do? 


I would like to expand in the future to other platforms, but now would like to concentrate on one just to get going. I don't really have time to learn all about gaming development, (although I may be able to help out on easy stuff), so I would like to find people to drive the coding and creativeness, while I do the not so fun stuff, like project manage, marketing, legal, etc. I have an MBA, so that stuff is not foreign to me. I usually work remote from home, so I'm not against remote work, but I don't know if that would be possible if they need to use the PS system to debug. 


I may be in over my head, I just don't know and any advise would be greatly appreciated.