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issues with frame buffer object (gbuffer)

02 November 2013 - 02:14 AM


i currently have a problem with my GBuffer. I draw to 3 textures in a Framebuffer object and then tried to show them with glBlitFramebuffer but i just dont see anyting. Even if I set everything to white in the shader the screen still stays black. I am rendering my meshes with a vertex array object.

Here you can find how i setup everything:


Am i making anything wrong in general or is there just a simple logical fail like forgot something to call?



3D Triangle Collision detection with ramps

24 October 2013 - 10:55 PM




I am currently working on a student research project and have to develop a simple lemmings game.

My world is made of 3D meshes and my lemmings are simple flat meshes made of 4 vertices with textures on it (kind of 2D sprites in 3D world).


Currently I am working on the collision detection but cant get it working. I assume you know how lemmings is working, so i need to detect wether the lemmings are on the ground or colliding with a wall. I also need a ramping functionality, so i can have uneven grounds.


For collision detection i made a simple mesh in a 3D program and set it a special name (beginning with COLL_). But I just cant figure out how to get the collision detection working. I already tried the solution from here http://www.discoverthat.co.uk/games/xna-triangle.htm but its not working properly for me since I cant really detect wether the lemmings are colliding with a wall or the ground. So I also tried to seperate the collision meshes in ground meshes and wall meshes, but now when the lemmings are not colliding with the ground anymore ( walking over a cliff) they make some kind of curve and are not directly falling to the ground. I already checked if I move them horizontally before letting them fall but thats not happening. I think the problem is the BoundingSphere, since its round and not quadric?

Well, should i just try simple boundingBoxes instead of Meshes? But then i couldnt get ramps right?



Could anyone post a solution or give me some tips? I just have 2 Weeks left and dont even have the game mechanics ready sad.png







P.S. I am german so bear with me smile.png