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Topics I've Started

Game programming (UDK, Multiplayer)

02 November 2013 - 05:52 PM

Hello everyone,


I'm planning to take a next step in bringing my game design closer to a reality. 


The game design is about 95% complete, on a paper... that is.


I would like you to help me understand the structure a bit more, which I will specify.


The game engine that I selected as of right know would be (Unreal 3 Engine) UDK. The game will be a multiplayer game with server browser built into the game.


Here is what I understand:


-The concept artists draw the models of characters and objects used in the game, as well as textures

-The 3D Character artist models, rigs and animates the characters

-The Level designer draws and models the levels

-The Audio/Sound artists take care of sounds and soundtracks


Now, what I don't understand well enough is how programmers combine all of this together. Is there a specialty programmers who only program multiplayer games? Will the programmers be able to work on a single project? Does this project need to have a certain and single programming language? I tried to research this stuff but all I got was bits and pieces of each, but not really explained in one project where we are talking about relations of these artists/programmers with selected game engine to make this thing work together. I think what I'm not sure of is what type of programmer/programmers I need for this project and how all this works together. From what I know, Unreal Engine uses Unreal Script for programming. 


I don't want to make too expensive of a mistake. While there is always a risk (especially in gaming industry), there are also measures that can be taken to minimize it. Acquiring knowledge is one of them.


Any input is much appreciated.

Graphics / Art style

27 October 2013 - 10:22 PM

Hey guys,


What would you pros describe the art/graphics style used by Valve in making of the game Alien Swarm?


Just type in Alien Swarm Valve in Google to see few screen shots.


Thanks a lot!

Noob Game Programmer

27 October 2013 - 01:35 AM

Hey guys,


I'm new here and what brings me here is a need of advice which will point me in the right direction.


I've been dying to develop a game for quite some time now, I have a complete design (about 100 pages) of details about the game and everything in it, including the type of art and music used to make it.


Now, I realize that I will have to hire concept artists, animators, musicians and such to make this project a reality. While I consider myself to be quite good with the design, I need to learn at least one specific role to make this game come true. I chose programming. 


The reason is because while I have a great imagination, I am not a blessed artist as a lot of people out there are. 


I was always far on  the science/math side... even my career (ultrasound physics). I am pretty sure Programming would be the best choice for me.

I'm not saying that I will be successful with it, but at least I want to try.


Well, as I understand, artists make the visual parts of the game, such graphics, music and animations, while programmers are the ones who make it all work together, please correct me if I am wrong.


I'm interested in developing my first game which would be very similar in the style as Don't Starve, Machinarium... which are point and click, as well as keyboard controlled games. This game will also offer a multiplayer experience online. 


I am a complete noob and never even touched a code of any type. I want to learn the best language which will be suited to the above style/type of a game, but also could be utilized to make more advanced 3D FPS, Online games in the future.


Which programming language should I learn?


Let me know if there is any more questions you need in order to answer this question.


Thanks a lot guys.