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Whats is the easiest programming?

31 October 2013 - 10:10 AM

I new to coding and i dont know what im best at. i want to make games, gamemodes, mods and addons. 

HTML is only for website design and i know how to use it, my skills at HTML 6-8/10.

i read through some lua pages and didn't understand anything, the reason was that they didnt explain what a function do, they didn't explain the main stuff. they didnt explain it on a easy way either so how am i suppose to understand?


I have used 1-2 months to figure out how Lua works, still dont understand. i looked up after easier way to learn and understand Lua but it still not good explained. 


Im also reading a book called: 3D Game Programming All In One (Premier Press, 2004) 

and it is really old and im looking for a new 3D game programming that is more easier then this one.


Im going to try out Java 3D and 2D programming but its kind of new to me and if you recommand reading a book first or watch a video il try my best to go through it :)



local function abc()
local x = 5

local my_f = function()
x = 7.3

my_f() -- executes my_f

print(x) -- prints '7.3'

abc() -- executes abc

print(x) -- print 'nil'



Okey, what does "local" mean?

what do "local" do? and what is hes job?

what does "function" mean?

what do "function" do? what is hes job?

The same goes with all they other like: elsif, if , do, return, function, local, etc....


I dont expect to learn lua in 1-4 hours but yeah i tried thinking and find out how it works,.


print is = Shows up on the screen or console.





1. is their a easy programming language then Lua that can make 2D or 3D games? like Java?

2. is their a programming language that is almost the same as Lua just more easier and better explained?

3. do you have any recommanded programmins books for free or not??

4. How do i run my Scripted files? my command/cmd cannot open them or read it!

How do i start?

29 October 2013 - 04:15 PM

Hi, my name is Ronald. im 16 year old student that lives in Norway, im interested in making 2D and 3D games. also develop mods to a game.

Im trying to read english books that has all about making games, coding, making texture etc.. but since im so bad at english and dont understand most of what i read i get really confused and give up really easy.

I know alot about Server hosting for games and can read a few easy lua script, but i dont understand these codes like: Function, end, do, elsif etc.....

i also tried translating the words on the books im reading but it is still complicated words.


My skills:

Can make game server for any games.

Can read a few LUA scripts to edit the 'round limit, limit of players, health, etc..'

I know how a bit of HTML.

I know how to setup Databases and SQL.


Here is my questions.

1. Is there a Norwegian game book?

2. How do i start coding?

3. is it possible to make games via LUA?

4. is their a easy guide book for coding, making games?

5. How do i run my scripts? i cant do it via cmd 'command'


Im only into making scripts and a bit of designing textures and models.

Lua is the simples code i have been in touch but i dont know how to use: function, end, do, elsif etc....


Im really sorry about my gramma, im not the best :( but i hope you understand.