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How to pace level progression, when a game has no end?

31 October 2013 - 10:18 AM

New here, so jumping in feet first with my question...


I'm developing a leveling system for a poker game. Players earn XP as they play (each time they play a hand, win a pot etc) and they move up the levels based on their XP. We've already figured out how calculate the XP and the level ramps , which will be based on a classic exponential growth chart.


The question really is how to pace the progression. We've already analyzed historical data so we can predict what pace players will move through the levels, so it's really just a question of deciding what's the optimal pace.


For example, we could start with 50 levels and set it up so that the most active player will reach this in say 3 months. Or we could set it up with, say, 100 levels and have tit so the most active players gets to level 100 in 12 months. 


Once the top level is hit, say it's level 50,  we could wait until, say, 10% of active players have reached it, before adding another X levels and just continue doing that forever.


Anybody have any advice, tips or things to consider when tackling this? For example, are there any established rules to help ensure the pace isn't too slow or too quick?