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newtechnology's Journal > Assimp model loader code (C++)

Posted 05 August 2015

Here is the newly written code of my assimp model loader. It's much cleaner than what I wrote earlier.


Model.h #ifndef _MODEL_H_#define _MODEL_H_ #include "BasicIncludes.h"#include "VertexBuffer.h"#include "IndexBuffer.h"#include "Vertex.h" #include <vector>#include <assimp\Importer.hpp>#include <assim...

newtechnology's Journal > 3D Flappy Bird - Unity Project

Posted 18 April 2015

This is the source code or the unity project of my Flappy Bird clone which was recently released on the Google Play Store. In this game, you're playing from the perspective of the bird and rest of the stuff is same as the original Flappy Bird.

You can download this game from the Google Play Store from here . The link to the Unity project of this game is...

newtechnology's Journal > You Run!

Posted 20 August 2014


I 'm happy to announce that my first android game named 'You Run' is now on Play Store. I have spent about 32 days working on this. It has got multiple levels and many other features. The game is still in its prototype stage and I have to still work a lot on it. You can get more information about it from here:...

newtechnology's Journal > Unity Multiplayer FPS

Posted 04 August 2014

I uploaded this video long time ago but I forgot to inform about it. This video is about the Mulitplayer First Person Shooter game I made with Unity by following a tutorial series on YouTube. This video is quite old because it doesn't the contain player spine rotation of other players being displayed, which I added recently (Other players are displayed...

newtechnology's Journal > Donations

Posted 27 July 2014

Well, I was willing to put a donation button but PayPal does not want me to do this because Indians are not allowed to use donation button in PayPal.
I am at the moment in need of money because I want to register as a developer on Play Store. I am starting with android game development and I want to see if what I am making would be liked by other people....