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In Topic: If you had a magic button, what would it do?

15 February 2016 - 11:58 AM


Make me and my family immortal tongue.png

That one is picked up by sci-fi occasionally.

Terrible wish. You and your arthritic, cancer-growing, senile old body will be suffering for all eternity, long after the world is destroyed and humanity is gone.

Eternal youth, or perpetual youth with the ability to die when you are ready,


I had that in mind but this is just something that's not going to happen, so why bother? :P

In Topic: If you had a magic button, what would it do?

14 February 2016 - 11:42 AM

Make me and my family immortal tongue.png

In Topic: Are you getting the oculus rift?

05 January 2016 - 03:52 AM

I would have got it if I was not a 17 years old and actually had some job.

In Topic: Tribute to Fallout3, I'm done

03 January 2016 - 05:33 AM

I got the X1 version of Fallout 4 under the tree this morning...along with Fallout 3!  In a steel-book case and some postcards! Yippie!


Not played it yet, but looking forward to my first time with the FO series.  Oh, I also got COD: Ghosts...not sure what to expect with that one, but everyone seems to go bananas over the series, so it ought to be somewhat fun...

Should have got Advanced Warfare, I really liked it. Jumping and dashing all over the map and when someone runs behind you to knife, you could jump exo-jump back and kill him. 

In Topic: Reading comments on the internet

03 January 2016 - 05:20 AM

Never been a fan of the Treyarch single-player CoD games, I definitely felt the Modern Warfare single player was superior. Just more polished over-all.


I think the industry should stop the "single player game with tacked on multiplayer" and also "multiplayer game with tacked on single-player". When someone says "this [multiplayer] game has no singleplayer campaign!", the only thing I think is: "GOOD!".


That said, a standing family joke about bad reviews is someone on Amazon who gave Quest 64 a bad review saying, "You only ever get a fireball, a rock spell, a wind spell, and a water spell". No, you start off with those spells, and as you play you get ~16 spells in each of those four elements, roughly ~64 total (of which in a typical playthrough you'd've collected ~50 of them).

So our joke when talking about under-appreciated games is to loudly say, "YOU ONLY GET A FIREBALL!".


I can't find that specific review, but here's some good Quest 64 ones I just spotted:



Granted, Quest 64 was outdated on plot and graphics, but it was definitely an enjoyable game - the gameplay itself was solid, and is the only turn-based RPG I know of where you can physically dodge an enemy's attack by moving your character. 

It also was colorful, so I guess people took that to mean "childish". It definitely wasn't a number-cruncher of an RPG.

It's not about that specific game, it's about judging a game based on an engine. I mean that guy has no idea that engines are created and upgraded constantly which keeps creating games getting better and better with every upgrade. He thinks that a studio should create a new engine for every game instead of upgrading the existing one. He clearly has no idea the amount of work involved in re-creating an engine. Plus, he says no details in surrounding. This again proves that he's clearly trying to act like he knows everything. Here are some screenshots of surrounding in that game.






As a gamedev, you know the amount of hard work that has been done to create these surrounding details and when someone tries to act smart by criticizing a video game on nonsensical points, you really want to punch that guy in face.