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Feedback/advice needed on how to make a concept reality

19 November 2013 - 11:41 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm 38, I've been a game tester and writer for Games magazines in the past and worked on creating mods for different games and have been active in many gaming communities.  However I can't program.  For the last few years I've been working on the concept of a next gen of the Close Combat series. 


Because of my extensive experience playing games and because I know what makes games good and addictive for gamers, I recognise trends and know what games will succeed and which ones won't.  I knew Diablo3 and Star Wars the old republic were going to fail.  Maybe not in terms of initial sales, but from a gamer's point of view they failed horribly. I was there the first year when League of legends made its introduction and knew instantly it was going to be a success.  Riot games used a good business model and made the next gen of Dota and pulled out a Steve Jobs with that one.  2 years before that time I told a friend that the business model for a game based on the Virtualgirl concept would be a hole in the market.  Kinda the Active Directory setup with roaming profiles that can buy skins and what not.  Ah yes I'm supposed to be a system and network administrator, but that's not where my real potential lies or at least that's how I feel it.


Last year the desire, motivation, belief that the next gen Close Combat game will succeed increased drastically.  Almost every day it's there and it doesn't let go.  It's like I need to do this.


Is there any advice you can give me on what to do with this?  Try to form a small indie team?  Try to find some investors? Try to learn a language and try out some stuff myself?  Try to knock on the door of an AAA software house and get a kick in the face lol?