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ferrous' Journal > Video and a GiF

Posted 19 September 2016

Last time someone asked for video/screenshots, so decided to try some image recording and uploading to youtube. Hadn't done the youtube thing before, but was fairly straightforward. Time to see if GameDev embeds video or not:
https://youtu.be/EFnwbIVEqeM Also, here's a gif:
 I've done gifs before, I don't think this game shows quite as well a...

ferrous' Journal > Still puttering away

Posted 12 September 2016

So I still poke at my games, I just forget to post here =)  Lets see if I can sum up all the things added since last time: Water
Swinging Wrecking Balls
Magnets Overheat, top and bottom magnets as well.
Better tutorial message improvements
Level change message
Some image shader effects for entering the goal, and on death
The goal sucks y...

ferrous' Journal > Integrating Google Play: An Early Open Alpha

Posted 14 July 2016

This is my first time playing with Google Play Services integration with Unity. It's pretty early Alpha, but should still be fun to play, and I've got an integrated google leaderboard that I'd like to test out. I look forward to seeing your high scores on the leaderboard!  Here's the link:

ferrous' Journal > Turn based Tanks, an update

Posted 25 June 2016

So with limited time, I decided to laser focus on just one thing, and that was optimizing my radial pathfinding. Honestly, probably didn't need to be the focus, but when you don't have a boss, or a time frame, might as well follow your passions. So, first thing of course, was to profile things. Which is relatively easy to do in Unity, though their pr...

ferrous' Journal > Long time no post

Posted 23 June 2016

I got sidetracked by life for a while. Then I tried to integrate google play services for the leaderboard and somehow broke my Unity project. (Fun times) That kind of killed my drive. That and adding sounds, I found to be mind numbing. I don't like the sounds I have now, I find the saw noise to be too grating on the ears. Anyway, here's a update...