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In Topic: Fixed-Time step only for physics ?

02 September 2014 - 07:38 AM

Fixed-timestep everything is simple, classic, and best. Preferably synced to video refresh.


I've learned not to bother with variable timesteps or interpolation. It's a lot of complication for little/no benefit.  If you can't quite keep up with 60 fps, you get stuttering. You can smooth it out by skipping a few renders, but if there's more than~30ms lag, let it freeze (unless it's network multiplayer). If it keeps happening it'll look jumpy, so drop your framerate or turn off some effects; 30 fps is better than 55 fps.


If input timing is crucial, you could run several physics updates per render frame, or if possible factor the input event timestamp into your calculations.

In Topic: C++ OpenGL - Deprecated or not !

05 March 2014 - 12:29 PM

There's one overwhelming reason to favor OpenGL over Direct3D: non-Windows platforms.


I would start with OpenGL ES 2 or 3. It's basically the modern subset of OpenGL. It opens the door to all kinds of mobile platforms, Raspberry Pi and such, and HTML5 WebGL (for whatever they're worth) in addition to desktop Linux, OSX, and Windows.


Disclosure: hardcore Linux user smile.png