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GLSL efficiency issues about different sizes of texture

25 November 2013 - 06:41 AM

Hi there,
We got some issues using GLSL developing Html5 apps. In a word, different sizes(power of 2) of textures resuilt in different execution efficiency.
In this DEMO, when Mickey Mouse is displayed, FPS will be sharply decreased. Because Mickey Mouse is a 2048*2048 texture and displayed in 128*128. All the other pics are 128*128 texture. 128 texture can be displayed more than 10000 times, while 2048 texture less than 500.
We made the same test in C++ and JAVA using opengl es 2.0, and we don't get this problem.
Could you please tell us the reason and give us some suggestions about how to improve execution efficiency using GLSL?