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the incredible smoker

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#5233360 Material manager

Posted by on 07 June 2015 - 09:44 AM

If you have a list then no resizing vector.


You dont wanto compare 500 texture name strings ?, is that it ?, or maybe id numbers ?, cant do without.

#5230676 Drawing sprites in a scrollable background

Posted by on 24 May 2015 - 08:17 AM

The background should have nothing todo with the sprite drawing,

something must be wrong in your code, rewrite it, i,m sure you will find it when you get on top of things.

#5228799 creating a "Worms" like world

Posted by on 13 May 2015 - 09:44 AM

Yeah if you cant win you can call em up.

#5221114 Need help choosing a language

Posted by on 03 April 2015 - 09:00 AM

It gets to a point where the programmer needs no knowledge at all with that sort of stuff.

Do you realy wanto be unknowing ?

#5221103 Need help choosing a language

Posted by on 03 April 2015 - 07:34 AM

C# and Java are pre programmed algorithms, where you need to install more crap on your PC.

Wont it nice to know how it realy works ?, and make your own "optimized" functions in C++ ?


Why re-invent the wheel ?, because i like to do so!

#5219810 How do you motivate yourself for game design?

Posted by on 28 March 2015 - 07:46 AM

You need patience, Always improve what you have, if you have nothing, hack yourself in, take pieces that not complete yet, improve later.

Just say what you want, and get it, this site aint helping you much, they will tell you to use some engine like unreal or whatever, while you can make your own engine.


Like : We know that YOU cannot handle it !!!, tell us first how much spare time you have before jumping to a conclusion L.Spiro!, i,m voting you down 10 times, dayjob here, crazy site.


Let me say like this : a unreal engine makes it harder for you to understand, get coding your own small simplest engine ever, and improve in time.

Once you have stuff going on, you have motivation.

#5212698 Where can one learn DirectX 11

Posted by on 24 February 2015 - 07:32 AM

It has a help file and examples.

Please notice : microsoft makes theyr examples real hard to understand, lets say : impossible.

#5210948 Getting started with game programming

Posted by on 16 February 2015 - 03:49 AM

You asking for something, but not C++.

That is exactly the correct answer : C++.


Who told you what ?, or what did you read to dont want C++ ?

#5210513 Enemy Bullets

Posted by on 13 February 2015 - 11:13 AM

I agree 2D shooters are silly if you are a serious person !, thanks for the -1.

Question ? : How many enemys do you have in screen ?, you might not have encountered this yet!


And suppose you explode all enemys at once ?, do you also play those sounds individual ?, i bet your speakers explode to ( especially with 64 or 128 channels playing at once )!

Now you have a -1 back from me, greetings.


Tip : dont drink alcohol, its bad for you.

#5210466 Enemy Bullets

Posted by on 13 February 2015 - 07:53 AM

The list should make all ships fire at once, so you can play 1 sound, instead of milljon.

#5205077 A new beginning, some questions for pointers for a stranger to coding

Posted by on 18 January 2015 - 09:56 AM

If your friend likes to share code, go with the C++, you learn simpler together by dividing tasks and helping eachother.

#5201537 Any good open source game engines?

Posted by on 03 January 2015 - 09:14 AM

Reading and understanding someone elses source codes is more difficult then make a simple engine yourself.

#5165570 2D Platformer Technique?

Posted by on 08 July 2014 - 10:22 AM

Hi, just give your path nodes attributes, like jump here, or walk here.


Also when controlling the character, make a position check and set back to the correct position instead of letting the character walk, like this :


if( x > node->x )x = node->x;


greetings, i hope this helps.

#5155393 What do you do when you need an idea?

Posted by on 23 May 2014 - 05:45 AM

I can look at my previous tryouts for enough ideas.

Just make small things for testing if it works first, your idea should work technically at least, so go with what you have!

#5145693 I need help with matrices

Posted by on 09 April 2014 - 09:36 AM

Voting mean down means i,m waiting for an explaination.

So please tell me why vote me down ?