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the incredible smoker

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05 July 2014 - 08:02 AM

Hi, have a question :


How do i calculate normals for a plane ?


thanks in advance

Black smoke alpha settings

05 July 2014 - 07:57 AM

Hi, have a question :


What are the settings for the alpha blending for getting black smoke ?

Do i need a .png file or is there a way to use a seperated bitmap for the alpha ?


thanks in advance

No Low Level Programming is better ?, Please explain this then ?

10 March 2014 - 10:30 AM

Hello, i was getting the advice that : low level optimalisations are bad.


Now i was reading : the new PS4 is not backwards compatible, because of the different architecture.


How does that rhyme ?,

Sounds to me they only use low level programming ???


i bet a hacker still can play old games on the new PS4.

But i know why Sony does stuff like this : They wanto sell you your games again that you already have, now as download.


They also sell ingame stuff, and game upgrades, i dont know if i still wanto call myself a gamer, if thats what a gamer is, someone who pays all the time.

Ill be waiting until the games are 5,- each, secondhand before buying a PS4,

if theres no more games available on CD with PS5, only downloads?, then i stop buying Sony Playstation.


If someone can explain to me about the low level programming?, i would feel better if they have a good reason,

but still it would be rediculous if the PS4 cannot play PS2 games, then they are doing it on purpose.





float unlimited increasing rotation or use a if

29 December 2013 - 08:27 AM

Hi all, i have a question :

suppose i am making a wheel rotating :


float rot = 0.0f;


// in loop

rot += fElapsedtime;


it works fine like this, but the number gets unlimited bigger and bigger.


Now what is better for CPU performance?, using a if that limits the rotation ? :



// in loop

rot += fElapsedtime;

if( rot > Pi )rot -= Pi;


What is the better choise and why ?

thanks in advance

Unfinished games as usual

22 December 2013 - 09:26 AM

Hi all,

i,m Always starting making a new game instead of finishing one, Always room for improvements.

i need to get to some point say : this is it, a complete finished game.


Now i was looking to the Screenshot Showdown :

It realy looking nice, i was wondering will all those game be released someday ?,

or do you all also have the same problem as me ?


Maybe i will also join Screenshot Showdown, if i have some new game, next year.

How do i join anyways ?