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In Topic: Title for game? [Solved]

29 December 2013 - 11:47 AM

Simbiome (a portmanteau of simulation and biome)


Animal Instincts


Faunatics (a portmanteau of Fauna and fanatics)

In Topic: Voxel Sandbox Creature Name Ideas?

19 December 2013 - 12:01 AM



Oh, wait... :0


I like Blockles from your list, and also like Voxims.


I was thinking Blicks or Blixx.  There is also the unofficial name for Carassone markers, "Meeples."

In Topic: Handling time travel from faster-than-light travel

18 December 2013 - 11:32 PM

I faced similar questions for a storyline I made up awhile ago. Here is the way I proposed "plausible" solutions to the problems, which is essentially pushing the implausibility around:


1) There was a discovery of matter with negative mass. These negative mass bodies offset the mass of whatever is traveling through space/time and make the calculations much more reasonable. Positive matter weight in the ship is very important, so essentially the ships weight nothing.


2) Ion drives, made possible by shielded magnetic cores at almost 0 degrees Kelvin, allow these physical ships to travel near light speed. An additional field around the ship moves space/time past the ship in a doughnut, which makes the perceived travel time FTL.


3) Communication is instantaneous across any space/time gulf because the ships all have crystals that have been quantum entangled. "Whatever happened to one particle would thus immediately affect the other particle, wherever in the universe it may be. Einstein called this "Spooky action at a distance." Amir D. Aczel, Entanglement, The Greatest Mystery In Physics


In my world, one massive crystal was created by millions of lasers firing into Beta Barium Borate, and the entangled photons were siphoned off into smaller crystals, and those crystals were further entangled, until the entire crystal was one entangled unit.  It was then shattered and the shards embedded into each ship with a lazer matrix around it which converts light and sound into light and transmits it to the other crystals simultaneously.  Communication is thus a cacaphony of entangled information, and two-way conversations consist of selectively filtering signals.


4) Stable wormholes can only be created by other quantum entangled "endpoints" which have to be physically delivered.  When man and the silicates wanted to explore the stars, they sent scouting ships ahead whose goal was to get as far as they could in space time, then drop their endpoints. Since the endpoints were quantum entangled with earth, it *mumbled scientific explanation* and created stable wormholes.  Back on earth, the wormholes just started popping up with huge gates in space like airport terminals. But for the scouting ships, the creation of a wormhole represented its life's work, hundreds or even thousands of years worth of FTL travel.


I made a rough-cut trailer for it, and I'll provide you the link, even though I pretty much suck at video editing (hence the term 'rough cut'):


In Topic: Writing for video games- Where to start?

18 December 2013 - 10:38 PM

Adam, from my experience writers write because they have to.  Artists paint because they have to.  Coders code because they have to.  They are driven by an innate creative spark.  The number of people who actually get financial benefit from writing/painting is small. Coders fare better.


If you want to get into the game industry, start somewhere.  Playtesting.  Making mods.  Something to get your foot in the door.  I can almost guarantee you that 3D modeling, C programming, or vector design will get you a foot in the door somewhere.


FWIW I agree with Tom that writing may not be your strength based on the original post. That doesn't mean you can't find a fit in the video game industry.

In Topic: Victorian era province names

18 December 2013 - 10:30 PM

I have done something similar recently for a game, and also for a story.  It is not easy as you have found.


What I did to create the game world was to create an origin legend which is the basis for everything. It was 1-2 pages, nothing massive, just enough to really nail down the vibe of the story.


Then I based the main land masses on characters in the story, and based some some cities and mountain ranges on it too.


Then, and here is the key to both my game and story worlds, I found a public domain source to seed the vibe of the names. For the story I used wikipedia entries about Middle ages Bohemia and tweaked some of the names and storylines. For the game I used this:




and combined some of the words to make archaic sounding place names.


Here is an interesting seed possibility for you with a built-in joke: Place names around Victoria, Australia:


You could warp most of these pretty easily.


Or perhaps think about an alternate past, maybe a reduction in birth rates from some calamity, or the crimean war turning out differently, and incorporate that into existing place names.