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#5302369 How Do You Go About Your Game Design?

Posted by on 24 July 2016 - 04:22 PM

  • What setting do you try and put yourself in? (listen to Music? Watch Movies? TV? etc?)

I design in any setting that it occurs in, for example, if I'm stuck waiting somewhere, I start to refine Game Design ideas I already had to type or write later.


  • What do you physically do while you're designing? (Are you in front of the computer typing? Draw something? Write?)

I could be in front of the computer typing it out in a document or drawing out the ideas. 


  • How do you go about thinking when designing a game? (Game mechanics can be different than your storyline)

I go about thinking "How will I make this system work?" or to be more specific, I would think about how a game would translate specific mechanics, such how moves have different properties depending on the user or how to approach a concept and turn it into a functioning game mechanic that meshes well with other mechanics.


  • When you have a solid game mechanic or design aspect in mind, whats your steps to improving upon them?

Testing it out on paper or even in a prototype if there is time for it.  If the latter, repeatedly testing it to make sure it functions and behaves the way you envisioned it{or as close as possible to it}. Seeing a mechanic go from an envisioned thought to actual gameplay is very awesome. 


For example, because I was a novice to game engine/programming, I couldn't get a mechanic I envisioned to act the way it did, I gave up on it, came back to it a year later, and managed to get it to look exactly as I saw it in mind. You can see it being used in the first two seconds of this trailer from a game I worked on in my free time for 2 years. Even added a "rocket breaking the sound barrier" sound effect if you manage to hit a specific speed threshhold.


  • How often do you go back to the drawing board after laying our a certain tree of mechanics and design aspects?

There is a certain game I've been adding to and re-designing for the past 12 years, haven't made a prototype of it yet. I would rather tackle it with an actual team someday due to some aspects of it being too complex for a single person to tackle{my skills are divided between art and game engine skills, I would prefer an actual programmer or game engine master for this kind of game}. After laying a tree of mechanics, I find myself elaborating more on them until they make "sense" and synch really well within the game's design.

#5268753 trying to think up a new way to level up

Posted by on 01 January 2016 - 07:08 PM

Two ways I plan to use: Getting stat additions by a random percentage, for example, fighting weak enemies means you have a 10% chance of getting stronger upon defeating an enemy, while fighting enemies stronger than you raises that chance, say something like 30 to 50%, based on how great your stat total is compared to the enemy.


Another is a system that determines if your play was skilled and intuitive. If you just spam the same attack over, and over, the amount of stat growth you receive is small, say +1-2, while winning a fight skillfully, via use of techniques, wether you outwitted your opponent, or made a turnabout of the fight and so on, will net you +12 to 24, based on an algorithm. There would be a bonus as well in this example if your opponent is stronger than you.


Thus, if the system detects that your opponent stood there without fighting back and you are lower level, it would net you +1, since it detected your amateurish skills and that you defeated somebody stronger than you with no effort as they never fought back.


This would prevent people from fishing and so on to unfairly gain stats.

#5268255 A funny way to handle Unique weapons

Posted by on 28 December 2015 - 10:00 PM

Servant of the Lord: I see your points, especially D2, which would prove to be problematic, especially if the player only logs in to accept the challenge and then logs off and leaves their bot to on afterwards. As for C, that is true, although, when I mentioned the idea, what I had in mind is that people who play PvP competitively. I guess 2-3 weeks might be a better range. Besides, the category before unique weapons, "Deity" weapons are almost as powerful, although maybe up to 80% of the full power of a Unique weapon.


If a player ever faces off with a user of a unique weapon, it might look like the player with the Deity weapon would be at a slight disadvantage against a player with a unique weapon, but techniques and skills play a big enough role to nullify that small gap, although against simple, brute force monsters, the difference is more pronounced. A player can still be competitive with the other weapon categories. Unique is to show that the player is very skilled to have attained it, sort of like a badge.


Although, as for D1, it would be unfortunate if an entire team/group/guild hoarded the weapons for themeselves. Although a Unique weapon has had only 1 owner for more than a month, then a similar weapon will appear in the game world in order for another to use it, similar to the over 10 people condition. There might be other conditions as well to ensure such a unique item has others similar to it pop up overtime.


HappyCoder: You raise a good point regarding with that wisdom from Blizzard. When I was a player playing an old MMO 9 years ago, I was fascinated to find out that there were super rare weapons in the game world, and even witnessed one in use during a guild war, where a knight barged in with the only sword in the game who's regular hits had splash damage{with a very large radius}, I was left on the side like roadkill along with several others in the guild I was, but I was left really inspired. The funniest part was, I had met the person just before the fight, and they showed me their one of a kind, overpowered sword to me and various other people in the vicinity.


Later, I managed to get ahold of a sword that was super rare, but not payed attention to due to a glitch that only showed its drawbacks, the sword secretly gave an immense amount of agility, and I felt special being a "agile" knight when others where tanky.


Then I found out about the God weapons, which ahd unique sprites and where immensely powerful, but then it turned out they were only for Game Masters/Employees. But my iniitial thought of them seeded the idea for Unique weapons.


Although, I agree, that to some players, such a system would be frustrating, Unique weapons where meant for very active, competitive players who enter tournaments regularly. For people who like to take it easy and don't log on much, they can find a Deity weapon if they wish, which is uncommon rather than rare, and still have a good amount of power.


That is why I made the category of Deity weapons, which have none of the conditions Unique weapons hold such as the time limit and challenges. Your idea of the player indefinitely holding the item is sound and sensible. Although, I feel like the original concept has this suspenseful feeling to it, that is what I experienced as a player anyway, when I witnessed that weapon so rare, I knew I could never attain it, but respected the user of it for wielding it and was just left in awe. Maybe I am weird, but it was so epic how he ujust barged in, and swatted groups of us down like flies, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. {We where three guilds working together in large numbers vs a single guild of 5 people with higher levels and stats, thus the high number of casualties defending the fortress.}


Returning to Blizzards philosophy, I can see why they make such fun games.


Anyway, to elaborate more on Unique weapons, the person wielding them have to have an active presence in PvP tourneys as I mentioned before, I feel the weapon would be ill-suited for somebody that only fights monsters. I guess I would have to explain the lower categories to give a better perception of Unique weapons.


Yeah, about the deathmatch thing, that is why there is a 7 day time frame in which to arrange the challenge.


Your posts have been very enlightening regardless, as you mentioned somethings that I hadn't considered at all.

#5268200 A funny way to handle Unique weapons

Posted by on 28 December 2015 - 09:56 AM

You know how in some games, there are one of a kind weapons, with a unique name and usually very powerful.


What I plan to do in a future game which I don't have the resources to make right now, is that if a player gets ahold of such a rare weapon, if they are inactive for 10 days, they will lose the weapon, but in it's place, a note will be left behind, allowing them to get the weapon again in two ways which I will mention in a moment.


The weapon itself returns to it's original location. If nobody has gotten the weapon again, then the note will just allow the user to attain the weapon more easily, perhaps by showing its location on the map in a dungeon or level{where previously, the user had to look for it} or showing the monster that is now carrying it {said monster will have the boost from the weapon, making them tough to beat, and some these rare weapons multiply the stats of a user, instead of adding, weapons in the game will do either or, but only the rarer weapons can multiply.}


And if the weapon was already found by somebody else, then the note allows you to challenge the user for ownership of the weapon. They have 7 days to accept the duel or the weapon returns to it's original location/level. If the duel is accepted, the current user cannot use the weapon in that fight{since these unique weapons are already too powerful.} {If the challenger doesn't show up for the duel by the 7th day, the timer resets for another week.}


If the weapon has multiple previous users, then once a duel has been fought for that weapon, the next person in queue would challenge the person for that weapon, so it would be a challenger per week.


Although, depending on how many players play this game, the number of unique weapons that exist will be at a % of the total max population to exist.


A randomizer taking names from a dictionary will create names for these unique weapons. Something like "Deity name + Weapon type + suffix of some kind" or a random mix of words based on the stats, element, and attributes of the weapon.


Example: "Thor's Hammer of Golden Lightning" or "Azure Shield of Samsara". 


If too many players are after the same item, say, more than 10 notes exist for a single item, then a similar item will be born in the game via the system detecting this, to ease the load for that weapon. It would be something like "Thor's Hammer of Argent Lightning", which would throw out bluish white lightning, unlike the original, which shoots yellow lightning. Thus those with the note would have the option to search out this similar weapon that is just aesthetically different.


The game itself, is a classless game, where you could say, look like a knight, but have the stats of a mage. The way you look wouldn't determine your class, and your character would have an appearance that is highly customizable. There is more to the system, but today, I just want to talk about unique weapons.


There are 7 weapon categories. The most mundane and common being "Normal" weapons, which cover things like Short swords, Bucklers, Flintlocks, and other weapons with no special attributes. They add a fixed number to the stats, and have no special attributes. The higher categories have things like elemental attributes, self-repair, growth, and even stat multiplication {or sometimes, will still add a fixed number, but by many times the amount a "Normal" weapon would.


The 7th, "Unique" weapons is what I discuss. I do consider naming them "Deity weapons" due to there uniqueness. Although, the 6th category is named as such right now. Since multiple copies of a deity weapon can exist, but it's rarity is still high in comparison to other weapon categories.



#5250939 HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

Posted by on 06 September 2015 - 10:26 PM

A lot of interesting suggestions, especially putting numbers inside an hp bar, which brings back memories of Warcraft 2. I do agree that there is an excitement to not knowing how much hp the enemy has left, as long as you know they are being damaged.


I never played D2, but I played the original, really digged the glass sphere holding red liquid for life and blue liquid for mana.


The I'm working on is mainly intended for smartphones, and since the action is already pushing the limits of my android's phone, back when I use to run visual indicators of hp in the form of numbers, it created significant lag. Thus the possible move to a visual indicator via the sprite changing in some way the lower hp is. Right now, the enemy just flashes on hit. {The white box and colored numbers that appear are related to a test involving the enemy x,y. when I was trying to implement a particular feature}






The footage is from the desktop version, which is why it runs smoothly. My goal right now is to just have something universal in regards to health/damage display, that can run on smartphone as well. I have yet to implement the smoke method I was planning as I had been working on reducing load times since my last post.

#5250429 HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

Posted by on 03 September 2015 - 10:35 AM

When playing a platformer or action game, do you prefer enemies to have an HP bar underneath them, a visual indicator of their health{a robot cracking and spewing fumes at increasing frequency the more damaged it is.}, or no indicator at all?


I remember in Sega Genesis, playing Sonic and not really knowing how much life Robotnik had while jumping on him.


Although in those days, it was just 8 hits and he's defeated, while most if not all henchmen just blew up in a single hit.


I prefer a numerical indicator, such as HP: 100 right below the enemy. I'm probably going to pick the method that has the least strain on performance, (visual indicator is actually the least vexing on performance at this point.}

#5250360 Game art, title design and character design

Posted by on 02 September 2015 - 08:52 PM

Hey, I'm Fradno, haven't posted in about a year and 6 months, which is actually the amount of free time and more time I've spent working on this game{working on it for 1 year and 9 months}.


Anyway, through out development of Rayburst, I've changed the title logo several times. The initial prototype of the game was called Burstblade, and used retro style graphics. Eventually, I used those assets in a small game and remade the game's art and changed the title to Rayburst.


Initially, I used commercial free font, and edited that, and added some visual effects behind it, but this version was made in haste as I thought I was going to release the game at the time.


Later, I changed it to the version that is angled, with a sideways, fancy F behind it. Made purely in vector. But I just felt like it didn't quite represent the game well enough, and others said this as well.


Then, I decided to draw the font out in photoshop, as I had better control in raster than in vector. The initial version was awesome, but then I realized that the font is too skinny when shrunk down.


Finally, I spent more time on the previous version, and was impressed with the results. I put it in the game menu t see how it would look. (I've always wanted to illustrate a planet by the way.) i like the new title, I just gotta find the right spot for it design wise.






Anyways, that was the process for creating the game's title.


If your wondering, the game is a platformer:




You fight dragons, there are 12 different dragons in the game, such as the melee focused Buster Dragon.



Pictured here are the majority of the enemy sprites, including the boss dragon:



I used mostly photoshop to draw them in{The sprites in the other windows below are from the prototype version of the game.}






I plan to use this graphic as a menu background, aside from the planet, was the only other image that required a high level of skill to make:





There are 4 playable characters, and another 15 waiting in line to be playable. They mostly exist as concept sketches. And the dragon even has lineart in the style of the sprites. Others like the bunny and turtle at the bottom of the list are already in-game, but non-playable.(That is the reason their graphics are so smooth and finished when compared to the other characters.)





I started off with a list of dozens, and dozens of characters nearly a month into development, although I haven't gone back to that list since picking the initial 4, but most of those characters will appear in some more advanced form of the game series.



Anyway, here are some older screenshots of the game, for example, the UI is different, and the enemies do not display HP, instead, I'm working on a visual indicator where they start to fume/emit smoke based % of total damage. At 10% they blacken a bit and spew smoke frequently.

















I have yet to screenshot the new version of the game. {the rayburst title screen is a mock up, once I decide the layout, I set it up in-game.} There are four different enviroments, with multiple levels in each, and different kinds of objectives {Destroy the target, Survival, etc.}






The art for the in-game shop and items were interesting to make. I didn't think I had such an affinity for book items. Anyway, since you earn gold from mission mode, you can buy items like books that help towards learning new techniques, orbs that strengthen a character gradually, or gems that give a character a great boost temporarily during a fight.



Item art:




Attached Thumbnails

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  • RBtitlescreen.png
  • RayBurst_title2_NEW2BG_finishedold.png
  • Raygurst0.jpg
  • Raygurst2aba.jpg

#5134456 I have Adobe Flash CS5, can I make games for iphone 5, etc?

Posted by on 25 February 2014 - 11:09 AM



While looking around for a game engine for iOS development, I found out that Adobe Flash can create games. I hadn't payed much attention to the program since I got it as I've been using Photoshop and Illustrator extensively for freelance work. Knowing that flash can create games, what can I actually do with it? At version CS5, would I still be able to develop for things like iphone 5 and above? For html5? I know that the latest version on Adobe Cloud can do so for html5 and has other advanced features. But can I say, make a game in Fl cs5 with plugins for html5 and later versions of iphone?


My plan is to develop for mobile platforms and possibly web. I want to utilize something like leadbolt to gain revenue from.


I searched around for similar topics, but didn't find my answer.


I have some game making experience and know the process. I want to make a small game and just see how well it does with leadbolt for monetization.