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No fees for becoming a PSN developer?

19 March 2014 - 03:58 PM

I heard somebody say that it the licensing fee to develop for PS is pretty high, but I haven't found it anywhere, in fact, according to this, there are no set up fees? Anybody know what the cost of becoming a PSN developer is or is it really free? ESPECIALLY now that SCE just released it's dev kit for free.


PSN developers:



Sony releases open source dev kit for free to developers:



So am I reading this right?

Framework or game engine with highest cross platform index?

16 March 2014 - 08:24 AM

What framework or game engine have the highest cross platform targets? I usually see some frameworks only have maybe two target platforms while others have several. I tried using google search, but I get outdated results that are a few years old. What's the current highest target platform framework or game engine?


The only thing I can think of right now is Monkey X since it targets stuff like html5 as well as Xbox and PSN stuff. There was another one that even had NintendoDS in its list of target platforms. Among Game engines, I know that Game Maker and Game Salad target many platforms, although I don't think they target any consoles yet.

Leadbolt and mobile game development

25 February 2014 - 11:53 AM

If you're new to mobile gaming, but have the goal of using leadbolt for revenue for your games, what game engine is recommended for producing games that will also support the implementation of leadbolt?


From what I saw on their site, they appear to support Flash made games, does this mean games made with action script 3? A quick look through showed that the latest flash supports html5 and iOS, android, etc.


What about languages like Phaser.js and Monkey? How do those compare to action script 3? I hear monkey can port to any platform, including some consoles like DS.


After some heavy researching, I am just left confused and still can't come up with an answer. What do people in similar situations usually pick?


Also, I have adobe flash cs5, is this still a good solution in the modern gaming development for mobile?

I have Adobe Flash CS5, can I make games for iphone 5, etc?

25 February 2014 - 11:09 AM



While looking around for a game engine for iOS development, I found out that Adobe Flash can create games. I hadn't payed much attention to the program since I got it as I've been using Photoshop and Illustrator extensively for freelance work. Knowing that flash can create games, what can I actually do with it? At version CS5, would I still be able to develop for things like iphone 5 and above? For html5? I know that the latest version on Adobe Cloud can do so for html5 and has other advanced features. But can I say, make a game in Fl cs5 with plugins for html5 and later versions of iphone?


My plan is to develop for mobile platforms and possibly web. I want to utilize something like leadbolt to gain revenue from.


I searched around for similar topics, but didn't find my answer.


I have some game making experience and know the process. I want to make a small game and just see how well it does with leadbolt for monetization.

Game mechanic that determines player's abilities

21 December 2013 - 07:19 PM

I'm working and finalizing a game design I've had for about 10 years. Upon putting the finishing touches, I've decided to draw something that illustrates the parameters of the game, which are a handful of stats grouped into three categories.


By doing this, instead of having a character's techniques decided by their "class",appearance, or some other factor, I want the numbers to directly affect what they can use.


For example, instead of restricting a character with warrior like traits from using "magic", they WOULD be able to use it, but if their relevant stats aren't high enough, they will either create a small version of said "magic" attack, or a puff of smoke will come out, instead of just "you can't use this skill" message. I think it's funner that way and adds charm to a game. Besides, perhaps some people can use the weaker version of an attack that doesn't fit their skill set in some way.


Anyways, the three categories are enough to determine a wide range of abilities that you can almost see in any action/fantasy medium.


The three aspects illustration, that will be the cornerstone of the battle system in my game. The system itself is a mix of rpg, action, and simulation genres.




What do you think of this graph? The bottom left is physical or "Form", The top is what would be traditionally be known as "magic" or "special attack", but in this game, is known as Spirit. The bottom right is "Mind", which covers techniques most games categorize as "support" and usually have no stat basis. The system is a little more complex than that, as you can see from the middle area and other areas between the three points.


Back to Mind, in most games, support skills usually do something like x1.5 boost to a stat or heal somebody for 50% of their life, regardless of the user or receivers stats. With this, you would have to invest in mind to be able to make good use of support skills. Mind also covers miscellanous skills such as "illusions", and other unique techniques that can't be generated by either form or spirit such as telekinesis, psychic intuition, etc.


I have thought this system out well, for years, and hoping that this year, I can finally make it into a game. This post was just to share this particular mechanic, as theirs so many other game mechanics in the game I would like to talk about, but each on their own would take 2 pages or more to cover, so I'm in the process of trying to find a way to explain it visually using illustrations.


On a side note, my goal right now is just to make a demo to showcase the battle system and game mechanics, with two playable characters and the option to turn one to be A.I. controlled so that you can fight them. A single level to show the dynamics of a interactive environment combined with RPG and action elements.