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In Topic: Is it possible to release a game in a year, even if you just started learning...

12 February 2015 - 01:43 AM

sry guys but he doesnt say final release in a year but *working alpha* (yeah the title is slightly misleading)


yeah i think its totally possible to release a alpha in a year even in 2 not much experienced ppl, the only problem is art which he can buy or use placeholders found free online or ask around for help etc etc


sure its something he probably wont monetize like he hopes to but you never know

In Topic: Component Based Architecture

31 January 2015 - 12:16 PM

Hi All

In most of the articles I have read, the focus has been on game objects; their collision, rendering, physics, input etc, and how an object is just a container declaring which components are relevant to itself (creating instances of them) - thus components have very little knowledge/dependency on each other.


However, in the articles/examples....very little is said in terms of things I viewed as outside this scope. i.e. initialisation of wider elements (windows, dx devices) or game states.


they dont talk much about that cause its general consensus to not use the component system everywhere, and use where it is mainly funcional, for example large collision systems


so they system knows only a lot of position components and doesnt care about the many other info, like their textures, who is moving them, their HP and so on, here component is very efficient


there are even possible system where the component methodology isnt very efficient at all, like some kind of ai etc


you just have to adapt your game to your needs not follow brainless a system you read about


that said after i implemented an entity component system in my game its very very handy, manipolating data its much much easier and also being my game a rpg its less headache to add new items, proprieties, equipment and spells with strange behaviours etc etc


just try it out and dont worry too much, if something seems too hard or not worth, keep your old model and use that

In Topic: MMO Programming

28 January 2015 - 10:41 AM

tbh the most flaws are conceptual


im a parent, why would i let my son of 10 join this MMO?

mmos are bad community even at 20 surely i would be stupid to buy this MASSIVE game for my children..

not to consider that a low age online game would be impossible to defend against predator and not necessarly adult predator, even a 16 yo is a predator to a 8 yo


last but not least the most common problem in online games is bullism and even here, i wouldnt put my young son in a place where he can be bullied even more

In Topic: isnt XNA dead?

15 January 2015 - 04:49 PM

I've heard that Microsoft won't update XNA and that it only supports DirectX 9.

Is that true? if so why people are still using it? I wouldn't bother to use something that will stay old forever.

Am i missing something?


yeah you are missing the part where  a starting indie team will hardly need to make a call of duty level of 3d game


also even esperienced team might prefer to keep workign on something they know well and is easy and fast to develop...

In Topic: Save/Load in C# XNA

15 January 2015 - 04:38 PM

like you i had a lot of problems serializing in xna for many reason but then i truly studied intermediateserializer and well i cant even explain how much it is PERFECT


dont ever think of doing anything different from it is my suggestion


intermediateserializer solves all of xmlserializer problems very important to games like circular references its super much readable (yeah even xmlserializer is but you have to make it be.. intermediateserializer is just ready to be read as is) it handles super well every kind of collections, null references and usual stuff common in games