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Need Help With Inertial tensor

07 January 2014 - 08:07 PM

HI! Im currently working with Navidia PhysX. I resently encxountered a problem. Im trying to calculate the torque I need to apply to rotetate a Rigidbody between two rotations, over a set time. I find the difference between a target quaternion, and the RigidBody's current rotation, then I convert this into a euler rotation, and multiply by the diagonal of the RigidBody's Inertial tensor. I then convert this into Axis Angle form, and plug it into RigidBody.addTorque(vector). The results im getting from this are incorrect.

MY PROBLEM: The inertial tensor is in body space while the target rotation, and RigidBody rotation are in global space (the addTorque(vector) function also takes a axis angle rotation that is in global space). How do I over come this? Do I need to convert my varables somehow?