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Joe - Ocular Audio

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Journal Entries

Joe Gilliver - Black Shuck Audio Journal > Manipulation Magic - The Harpsichord

Posted 16 July 2014

Before any music was composed for Black Shuck it was key to put thought into what sound palette would work for the purpose of the game. Details of the game and references from the development team led us to agree that keeping the audio quite minimalistic, dark and atmospheric would be the best option. This isn't a game that requires a Hollywood style scor...

Joe Gilliver - Black Shuck Audio Journal > Game Audio Conception

Posted 30 May 2014

Been a bit of a gap between the last dev blog and this one. Have been a bit busy up until recently but back on the ball now.

I am inclined to say that the planning stages of audio creation are the most important and pivotal to the overall outcome. It is during the planning and research stages that you allow your mind to explore the different possibiliti...

Joe Gilliver - Black Shuck Audio Journal > Ground control to major Tom...(communication)

Posted 27 May 2014

If there is one part of the current project I am extremely grateful for it is that of clear communication.

When composing for a project it is often all too easy to get wires crossed and for each party to not understand what the other is trying to say. Throughout this project though this hasn't been the case. From the very get go the developers (Chromium...

Joe Gilliver - Black Shuck Audio Journal > 1. The beginning...

Posted 19 May 2014

With the blessing of the guys at The Chromium Gamesroom I have decided to start this development journal as a means to reflect on the whole experience of composing for a video game. As well as covering composing and production aspects of music I aim to highlight in as much detail the relationship between developer and composer, what struggles are encount...