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In Topic: Small puzzle game: Do I even have to bother with music?

18 February 2014 - 03:39 AM

Nathan hit the nail right on the head in my opinion. Music and audio can completely change a consumers experience. The right music will keep them coming back for more, music that doesn't suit so well will put them off for life. Think of the amount of films you have watched that have a great soundtrack. Do you walk away remembering all of the dialogue or humming the theme? My guess it's the theme. Music helps people connect and should never be devalued.


I also wouldn't advocate the use of simply buying a piece of royalty free music to put behind the game. More often than not if you aren't a musician or composer yourself you aren't going to choose the best piece of music. Get the services of someone with experience in, even if it's just for them to provide a bit of advice on direction. It will pay dividends in the end product. And of course, as Nathan and others have said, offer them at least something in return. It's the polite thing to do. 

In Topic: Requesting constructive criticism: Sound & Art: Guernica

03 February 2014 - 05:42 AM

Hi nosed07. I hope you are well. 


There's some good work here, so great job for putting it together. By being applicable to the game industry, do you mean could this material be used in a game? In the right context it could well be used. However I think what you should consider is that audio for video games needs to be composed with a specific goal and objective in mind. So let's say you were commissioned to score for a game. The music needs to be addressed for that game in particular an composed to suit that individual project. Music is a way of accenting what goes visually, helping to tell the story and overall effect the emotional responses of the gamers. As mentioned this audio could well be used for a game, it would just be finding the right game to suit it, and still then I would say it would need refining for that specific project.