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Price for sound design

15 January 2015 - 03:09 PM



I recently got someone sending me a mail asking me for "a quote for sound design", first of all I am not sure of what is this since I am not english/american and I have never heard about this before but I assume he is asking me for a price according to google.


So here is the problem : I don't really have a clue about what I should tell him. He is asking me only for10-15 sounds right now.

I was thinking I should give him a price by sound effect but I don't know how much is ok (I am new to paying jobs) and if this is the best solution.

He doesn't really have a big budget right now so it's an indie game.


Can I know how do you guys do for this?

Game Idea from a non game designer

07 January 2015 - 12:21 PM



Since I started being interested in game development I had some ideas and I tried to make it into a game but it was either way too big for myself or just bad. So I figured my problem is probably that I suck at game design because I do have the drive to do a full project.


Since a few days I am thinking about an idea but I think it's a thing too big for me again so I'd like to make it pass through some game designer to have some informations/advices on what I should do.


So here it is :


The game main style would be strategy and would be set in a fantasy world. With a camera set like Stracraft or any games like that (3/4 view).


I want to explore more of the procedural part of programming games so I plan to make a procedural map with a grid on it, it would have some continents and some seas + some specific Tiles for ressources.


So the map would be something where you make a base (like old school Age Of Empire for exemple) and you have some basic gestion stuff like gold/wood/food.


I still hesitate on making it multiplayer (for 2 players max) or making it turn by turn (which is easier but might be boring). At this time I have no clue on how to make an AI for this kind of games but I could look it up.


The twist would be that you would have a hero (like heroes of might and magic) and you could explore donjons with him and I wanted to make this part kind of hack and slash style (donjons would also be done in a procedural way).

The risk would be to kill your hero so you'd have to get a new one or to not have him during an attack.

The reward would be loots and special items.


And obviously the goal is to destroy the other guy base.


That's the basic already dubbed down idea.




The main idea was to make this but as a MMO where your base takes a long time to create/upgrade (kinda like clash of clans) and you can get allies to make bigger Diablolike donjons with all your combined heroes. (It would kinda be like raiding in WoW but with the hack and slash type of mechanics).

And then you lunch big attacks on guys that are against you, you would deploy the troops like Total War and then control your hero on the battle.


But this one is obviously not something I can do, even with a team it would be pretty hard.


So that's pretty much it, thank you in advance.

New steps to take to improve my programming skills

09 December 2014 - 06:11 AM



I am not a programmer but I do it as a hobby and I am really starting to get a good understanding of the languages like C++ or C#.


However I have no clue on what to do for the next step.


I wish to start to program stuff that are real (little) programs that you can run on their own and have a GUI.


I am also very interested in creating programs that allow you to use boxes that you can connect together to do stuff (like UE4 blueprint but way simpler obviously).


However I have no clue where to start for any of those so I'd really love to have some help to get on the right path.


I also don't know what the difference in the code are if you want to run a program on windows and then on mac.

Questions about QA Testing as a stepping stone

03 December 2014 - 09:36 AM



So I am currently doing an internship as a sound designer (I am into audio) and everything is going well, I made good contacts and all but I will have to find a new job soon because the company can't keep me right now even if they seem definitly keen on taking me back if they need me for some projects.



I will start to search as a sound designer but if it doesn't work here is the question :


A lot of sound designers start as QA from what I understand and I am definitly ok to do that. My question is, how do I turn my CV and everything to make them believe that I want to do "QA" and not "QA as a stepping stone".

Certainly if I put my degree about audio, my demo reel about sound design, my website and my projects all about audio they are going to assume I don't really want to be a QA (which is not really true, I don't mind being one but not as a complete career).

And if I just don't tell about my degree and stuff they will probably ask me what I've been doing all those years.


I don't really know how to deal with that.


I guess some of you had to deal with that since QA seems to be the entry level position people use to get into the industry for all kinds of jobs.


Thank you.

SFX legal rights

02 December 2014 - 05:18 AM

Hi people,


I have a question about SFX legal rights as the title says.


I would like to sell some sounds that I would make (not a full library but just a few on audiojungle for example), can I sell sounds that I made FROM a library (let's say a BOOM one) that I own (obviously I bought it it's not cracked from the internet)?

And obviously again, it's original sounds, not the ones that are on the library. The BOOM ones have a constructed part on their library specificaly so you can make your own sounds.

Or do I have to do that only with sounds that I record myself?


I know you can use these libraries for movies/games and stuff but it's not really a re-selling of SFX.


Thank you.