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#5167928 Anoxemia

Posted by on 20 July 2014 - 01:04 AM

How "not crucial"? I can't to finish this level, cause my robot became die.

Changed value of battery energy value, now it will be enough.
Sorry for that, neve had problem with that cause we played this levels SO many times :)
Thank you for participating!

#5167550 Anoxemia

Posted by on 18 July 2014 - 03:09 AM

Name: Anoxemia 
Genre: Platformer - adventure 
Engine: Unity3D 
Look-a-like: Limbo, Monochroma 
Started development on: January 3, 2014 
Release Date: TBA (looking for publisher)
Kostyantin Dvornik (programming), 
Eugen Dranev (graphic design, gamedesign), 
Andrii Goncharuk (gamedesign, concept), 
Mark Makovey (background artist), 
Kuzin Dmitriy (animation). 
Music and sound: Gamingearz
Demo: available on our website.
The game itself is a underwater puzzle-adventure for Tablet PC(android/iOS) and PC. 
Short story:
Near future, the middle of the ocean big zone become infected for unknown reasons, the main character goes to explore and collect data on the causes of infection. 
Submarine of our hero wrecked by security of underwater naval base that is located there.
Base was here since years of the Cold War, around base a lot of sunken ships, submarines and old security system and a huge area of ​​infection that goes with the flow but do not sink to the bottom, so far, the hero finds himself in a trap, continues to move forward and performing a task to collect data on the infection (until now its collecting crystals, in the future it will be different objects for scanning from plants to base parts and documents). The hero is forced into a desperate situation to move forward. 
-Bot with great functionality. 
-Upgrades for your companion bot collected in some levels. 
-Dont forget about oxygen and battery charge of your bot they always fall slowly. 
-Interesting and unexpected mechanics and puzzles. 
ESC exit the menu on the PC and the Web 
Mouse control (on the tablet touch), if you have gamepad you can use it smile.png (switching control on the menu) 
Find more in game menu "?" - icon
If you have questions, suggestions, evaluation, comment, ask, I will answer as much as possible. 
Thank you for your attention!