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In Topic: Environment/Crafter Pixel Art

17 February 2014 - 06:26 AM

Looks good!  My advice for the tent would be to focus on adding a few stretch marks.  Since its leather, the streches will be longer and more spread apart.  You're canoe yard could also benefit from a tad less lighting on the legs, helping it look a bit more 3d.  Keep up the good work!


Yeah I've just realised that I've actually got the shading reversed on the canoe yard's legs. :(


Looks very nice, I really like your terrain textures like the grass and the water.

My advice is to be more consistent in your shadow work. The tent roof looks a little too flat compared to the rest, like the front of the tent, it has a lot more shadows and highlights. Also the cliff has a very straight shape compared to the border of the water.

If you take a look at these cliffs you see that they have a more organic shape like you did with the border of the water:



Thanks! I love my water, too! :D Tent shading addressed in next quote. :)


As for the cliff,s that's just down to bad mapping. The area was just to demonstrate the cliff as a tile.


Your art looks nice! I especially like the mine shafts.


Part of the issue with the tent is that it's not shaded. Even the smaller tent has half the roof shaded differently than the other half. Though, I'd shade it gradiently instead of half being a single color and half being a slightly darker color. On the side opposite the sun, the tent roof should be darker near the top and brighten out as it flattens out.


The tent flaps might also be a little too grainy.


The tent flap is definitely too grainy. It started out as following shading techniques, but seems to have gone a little haywire. As for the roof, I know it needed shading but I wasn't sure how - but you nailed it. Shaded on the left and less as it flattens out - thanks!


Some new material;


Oak Tree



Cart Yard



For the cart yard I was going to chip away some of the cart yard at the base so that the ground tile would show through - makes it look more natural in a grass environment then... but wouldn't work too well on a paved or dirt tile.

In Topic: Hey everyone!

14 February 2014 - 12:20 PM

Hey Vus! Fancy seeing you here! :o

In Topic: Blender for making Games?

14 February 2014 - 08:30 AM

Maya Autodesk and zBrush are probably my preference for 3D modelling. Autodesk is great for animation, particles and fluids and zBrush is great for texturing. Of course with enough experience, it doesn't really matter. But if you're relatively new to either, that's what they're best for. I personally prefer Autodesk.





Maya Autodesk