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I spend a lot of time doing this, please give me feedbacks it really means something to me.
Hi guys,
 First of all, I want to apologize if you will find any writing mistakes in my post im not originally from UK or USA.
 Second of all, I want to make this clear for everyone, my game ideea is a MMORPGarrow-10x10.png so.. It's all theoretical.
 Third of all, I'm not an aggressive guy so please be onest if u decide to give me a feedback and tell me the hole naked true.
 So, let's get started.  The basic game ideea is the conflict between the cops and the terorists who are entering into an instance world in groups (any of them has to play a role ):
-the Cracker- who can hack the doors, the safe, depositarrow-10x10.png boxes, survialence cameras and archives where you can find informations about the cops you are fighting against.
-The Snipers- which are 3 and have to sit on the top of others buildings around the casinoarrow-10x10.png, bank or whatever you choose to rob and let the other know if there are any cops comming.
-the Ghostman- who is responsible with the evidence and by evidence I mean cleaning the fingerprints, the hairs, the dead persons arrownd.
-the Driver- well I guess I don't have to explain that much here, I mean ... anyone of us knows what the driver have to do.
-the Hitman- who can deal more damage to the cops or citzens arrownd. And who can preety much scary everyone like witnesses, guardian, the guy who can turn on the alarm etc.. He can help his crew to do a "clean job". 
 Enough said about terrorists let get to know the good guys too:
The Cops:
-The Detective- who has an incarsed skill to find the evidence let behind by the robers. He will easier obtain informations from the witnesses, see the amprents, drops of sweat, blood or hairs.
-The Second- who is able to easyer locate the snipers and take them out by arresting them or killing them before they get to report anything to the other bandits. He is going to be able to locate just 2 of the 3 snipers.
-The Healer- he can preety much heal anything. He can heal his team-mates, the police car, the witnesses wich are too low-life to give you the informations that you need.
-The Tank- a tank is the "action-guy", is that guy that will get in front of you when the terrorist are shooting you because he has a bigger life than the others. 
-The Driver - The driver has the ability to drive the cars faster adn to clean the way of cars.
So now if you meet the players let`s get to the important mentions part :
-You probably observed that the cops are only 5 that mean they got a shorter crew compared to the terrorists but :
1. They got a healer on they`re side, wich is a huge advantage.
2.  You are a cop and you`re  driver is dead and he will be respawnd in 30 seconds, so you dont want to wait 30 seconds because that is a waste of time and the terrorists will run as far as they can. That`s bad !!![/u][/i][/b]. The cops can swamp the roles. Any of them will be able to run that police car. The driver has the advantage that he can push the car limit speed ( if the police car can be drived with 220 km/h ), the driver is actually able to drive that car with 220 km/h  however the other will just dirve the car with a maximum speed of 150 km/h.
He can also turn the red and the blues lights on and spreak through megaphone, that way he will be able to clear the traffic ( the other cars will just get on the right side of the road and create you that way, a free way ). That was just an example. This goes to all cops` roles.
3. The terrorist are not going to be able to swamp the roles between them. 
4. Every player can buy his weapons, lunets, grenades, armor, bullets, clothes, gloves, hats, pants, gun colors, tattoos etc from the home screen where you can pretty much do whatever you want stuff like buying, manage you account, donate, see your statistics, look up your position in ranked. i tought about the homescreen for a long time and i guess the best option is the homescreen that u can see in attachments.
5. The players can buy they`re armoor depending on the class they are playing. For example : the snipers can`t equip heavy armoor because they are supposed to stay hiden, if they got caught they will die easy.
6. The Ghostman, the hitman, the cracker and the driver will be always on the cops map. The snipers are hiden. Only the second will recive the marks on the snipers` heads for 8 seconds after hitting the key ( you will see the controls down the page), if the second gets dead then the others cops can locate the snipers too after hitting the same key but just for 3 seconds( this key has a 25 seconds cooldown).
7. The cops will recive the terrorists` marks in they`re map while the terrorists are still inside of the bank,casinoarrow-10x10.png or whatever they choose to rob.
8. Every player (beside snipers) can carry an amount of IN GAME money,gold,drugs with him so after the terrorists are done robing they can decide to split the money or to give give the all amount of cash,gold,drugs to a singlearrow-10x10.png guy so the cops will be confused and they will have to shearch that one "golden" guy. After a terrorist dies, he will lose 1/3 of what he is carring on him ( if he got 100$, 3 gold bullion, and 100g Cocaine, he will lose 33$ 1 gold bullion 33g Cocaine) in the favor of cops. That goes for the cops exactly the same.
9. After the match every player will recive experience and money (depending on how many arrests he did, or how many dollars, gold bullio and drugs did he take away from the other crew, how many kills they did, if they wined or losed )
10. A match is going to last 30 minutes.
11. WINNING RULE !!!![/u][/i][/b]
A match is going to be wined by the team that has the most amount of money, gold, drugs at the end of the time.
On foot :
W, A, S or D Key       move character
Move Mouse            look
Left Shift Key            sprint
Spacebar Key            jump
F Key                    action, interaction
C Key                    crouch
X Key                    walk toggle
Z Key                    drop carried item
P Key                        find snipers
Combat :
Left Mouse Button    fire
F1 Key                    equip primary weapon
F2 Key                    equip secondary weapon
Mouse Wheel Scroll    cycle weapon
Left Ctrl Key            throw grenade
F3 Key                    unequip weapons
R Key                    reload weapon
T Key                    re-supply ammo
Left Alt Key            witness (cops only)
B Key                    call for help
Driving : 
F Key                     enter and exit vehicle
W key                     accelerate
S Key                     brake, reverse
A Key                     steer left
D Key                     steer right
Spacebar Key             handbrake
Left Mouse Button     vehicle horn
Right Mouse Button     vehicle special function
Interface :
Esc Key                     access main menu
M Key                     map
O Key                    options menu
Tab Key                    scores

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